Cost-Plus Contract

Cost-Plus Contract,

How Do You Define Cost-Plus Contract?

  1. The definition of Cost-Plus Contract is: An indirect contract is a contract for the payment of a fixed amount of profits to the company in addition to expenses, usually expressed as a percentage of the total value of the contract. This type of contract is mainly used in the construction sector, where the buyer bears a portion of the risk, but it also allows the contractor some leeway. In this case, the contracting partner declares that the contractor will keep its delivery promise and promises to pay extra so that the contractor can earn extra profit upon completion.

    • In a surcharge agreement, one of the parties reimburses a certain profit in relation to the total cost of the order in addition to the contract partner's costs.
    • Utility contracts are often used in construction when budgets are tight or it is more likely that actual costs will be lower than expected.
    • The contractor must provide proof of all relevant costs, including direct and indirect costs.

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