Cost of capital

Cost of capital,

Definition of Cost of capital:

  1. Cost of debt and equity capital acquired from different sources. See also composite cost of capital.

  2. Opportunity cost of funds employed in a business; the rate of return investors could earn if an alternative investment avenue (usually time deposit) was chosen.

How to use Cost of capital in a sentence?

  1. The cost of capital must be taken into account when planning business expansion; without careful planning, a business could miss out on more lucrative investments opportunities.
  2. If you want to figure out how much profit you may earn that year you need to know what your cost of capital was.
  3. If you want to figure out if a new project is worth taking on the first thing you must do is find its cost of capital .

Meaning of Cost of capital & Cost of capital Definition

Cost Of Capital,

What is The Meaning of Cost Of Capital?

  1. The cost of capital is the rate of return required for an investment budgeting project, such as B is the cost of building a new factory. When analysts and investors discuss the cost of equity, they usually refer to the average cost of the company's debt and the value of the joint venture's equity.

    • The cost of capital represents the rate of return at which a company has to start an investment plan, such as the purchase of new equipment or the construction of a new building.
    • The value of equity usually includes the value of equity and debt, which is weighed according to the company's current or preferred capital structure, called the average value of equity (WACC).
    • The decision of the company to invest in a new project will always have to be more profitable than the cost of capital used by the company to finance the project, otherwise the project will not return to the investors.

  2. How much money is needed to create a valuable investment budget?

  3. Cost Of Capital means: If she chooses another investment with the same risk, she can get a return.

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Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (an amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or action).

Sentences of Cost
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  2. Your job is to plan and calculate the cost of the media program for the campaign.

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Meanings of Capital:
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Sentences of Capital
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