Cost, insurance and freight (c.l.f.)



You can define COST, INSURANCE AND FREIGHT (C.L.F.) as, A contract term for the sale of goods where the buyer is responsible for the costs, insurance and freight associated with the delivery of the goods to their destination.

Literal Meanings of COST, INSURANCE AND FREIGHT (C.L.F.)


Meanings of COST:
  1. Payment (a sum of money) is required before the acquisition or realization of (an item or action).

Synonyms of COST

asking price, fare, estimate the price of, be, fetch, amount to, value, put a price on, toll, be priced at, selling price, sell for, price, come to, rental, charge, fee, tariff, market price, hire charge, evaluate, put a value on, put a figure on


Meanings of INSURANCE:
  1. An exercise or arrangement under which a company or government agency guarantees compensation for a particular loss, injury, illness or death in exchange for a premium.

Sentences of INSURANCE
  1. Many new lenders buy unemployment or health insurance

  2. Maintaining a high standard of personal conduct is an excellent guarantee against personal problems.

Synonyms of INSURANCE

provision, financial protection, cover, shelter, surety, safeguard, indemnification, indemnity, precaution, immunity, safety measure, protection, preventive measure, defence, security


Meanings of AND:
  1. It is used to connect words to a single part of a language, clause or phrase that needs to be included.

  2. It is used to indicate intention after some verbs and before other verbs, instead of "to".

  3. Boolean operator which returns if and only if all the operations are one and vice versa has zero value.

Synonyms of AND

also, together with, besides, in addition to, along with, added to, with, and, including, coupled with, too, not to mention, as well as


Meanings of FREIGHT:
  1. Large quantities of goods are transported by truck, train, plane or airplane.

  2. Freight train

  3. A burden or burdens

  4. Bulk transport (goods) by truck, train, plane or airplane.

  5. Overworked or overwhelmed

Sentences of FREIGHT
  1. I can hear the sound of the afternoon charge from home

Synonyms of FREIGHT

delivery, carry, ship, cargo, transport in bulk, haul, load, drive, shipment, convey, consignment, transport


Meanings of C:
  1. Hundreds

  2. Centimeters (in units of measurement)

  3. Century or century

  4. (Before date or quantity) approx

  5. (cold water.

  6. The speed of light in a space.

  7. The third letter of the alphabet.

  8. Like the letter C.

  9. The first notes of the C-Major Daytonic scale, by and large, have no sharp or flat points. The key sound is based on the C key scale.

  10. Roman numerals 100.

  11. A high-level computer programming language was originally developed to implement the UNIX operating system.

  12. Kibo (especially on the map)

  13. Celsius or Celsius.

  14. Copyright.

  15. Columbus (s)

  16. Eligibility


Meanings of L:
  1. (Description of position or direction) Left.

  2. In length (especially in horse racing)

  3. (In reference text) line

  4. Liquid

  5. Liters

  6. British pound)

  7. (In mathematical formulas) long.

  8. The twelfth letter of the alphabet.

  9. Large L-shaped shape

  10. Roman numerals 50.

  11. Loss, kickback or failure.

  12. To lose a match (in the game results table).

  13. Lake, lake or lake (mainly on the map)

  14. Large (such as clothing size).

  15. Linnaeus (by the names of the species of animals and plants)


Meanings of F:
  1. Abba.

  2. Breast stroke

  3. Feet

  4. Women.

  5. Lady.

  6. (In units of measurement) Femto (10¹⁵).

  7. (In reference text) Folio.

  8. Feet.

  9. to make.

  10. Strong

  11. (Race results) Furlong (languages).

  12. Honest

  13. From