Cost effectiveness

Cost effectiveness,

Definition of Cost effectiveness:

  1. The degree to which something is effective or productive in relation to its cost.

  2. Relationship between monetary inputs and the desired outcome, such as between the expenditure on an advertising campaign and increase in sales revenue.

How to use Cost effectiveness in a sentence?

  1. When deciding to start a new program or venture for your firm, its important to measure its cost effectiveness . If youre not going to be getting out more than what you put in it just simply isnt worth the effort.
  2. We determined the cost effectiveness of the strategy and we decided to go forth with what we were going to do.
  3. The college will be able to improve the cost-effectiveness of policing.
  4. You should always strive to have your business being able to run with the most cost effectiveness it can to save you money.

Meaning of Cost effectiveness & Cost effectiveness Definition