Cost Contribution Arrangement (cca)

Cost Contribution Arrangement (cca),

Cost Contribution Arrangement (cca) Definition:

You can define Cost Contribution Arrangement (cca) as, CCA is a framework that defines the nature and scope of each partner's interest in the development of assets, services or rights between companies, the cost and risks of production or acquisition, and the outcome of development activities It has been agreed between the companies to do so. Services or rights.

Literal Meanings of Cost Contribution Arrangement (cca)


Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (amount of money) is required before receiving or performing (an item or work).

Sentences of Cost
  1. The price of each issue of the magazine is 25 2.25

  2. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

Synonyms of Cost

estimate the price of, put a figure on, levy, tariff, rental, amount to, put a value on, sell for, charge, estimate the cost of, fare, toll, be, put a price on, evaluate, hire charge, fee, selling price, come to, asking price, price, be valued at, fetch, value, be priced at, market price


Meanings of Contribution:
  1. Mutual fund or fundraising or payment.

Sentences of Contribution
  1. Welfare donations

Synonyms of Contribution

present, gift, offering, benefaction, handout, donation


Meanings of Arrangement:
  1. The act, process or result of an agreement or contract.

  2. Planning or preparing for the next program.

  3. A technique suitable for performances with instruments or sound in addition to the above mentioned gestures.

  4. Resolve disputes or grievances.

Sentences of Arrangement
  1. All preparations for the wedding have been made.

  2. Mozart's symphony of cello and piano management

Synonyms of Arrangement

plans, marshalling, preparatory measures, orchestration, arrangements, ordering, positioning, setting, reduction, scoring, foundation, planning, groundwork, ranging, instrumentation, gearing up, provision, preliminaries, spadework, harmonization, disposition