What is The Definition of Cost-centre?

  1. Part of a company or organization, such as b. Marketing department or quality insurance department that bears operating costs and does not generate sales or profits for external customers through negotiation. Observe for-profit centers that deal with external customers and be responsible for making a profit.

Literal Meanings of Cost-centre


Meanings of Cost:
  1. Payment (a sum of money) is required before the acquisition or realization of (an item or action).

Synonyms of Cost

hire charge, put a value on, sell for, amount to, asking price, come to, charge, tariff, toll, put a figure on, price, be, be priced at, put a price on, fare, selling price, levy, fetch, evaluate, be valued at, estimate the cost of, estimate the price of, market price, fee, rental


Meanings of Centre:
  1. A point that is farther than a point in a circle or circle orbit

  2. The point at which an activity or process is controlled or centralized.

  3. A place or group of buildings where certain activities are concentrated.

  4. Occurs primarily in or around (specific locations)

  5. Put it in the middle.

  6. A region of central France that includes the cities of Orleans, Torres and Chartres.

Sentences of Centre
  1. He was furious at the thought that he had changed shape and had come to the center of the realm before he realized what he was doing.

  2. The city became a center of discontent

  3. A conference center

  4. The textile industry is concentrated in Lancashire and Yorkshire

  5. To handle the needle, twist

Synonyms of Centre

heart, mainstay, keystone, backbone, centrepiece, site, installation, foundation, fundament, fundamental principle, base, establishment, anchor, station, centre, central component, linchpin, main ingredient, location, basis, premises, focus, depot, post, mainspring