Definition of Corruption:

  1. Shameful treatment by government agencies or authorities in an illegal, immoral or inconsistent manner with ethical standards. Corruption is usually the result of preferential treatment and is linked to corruption.

  2. Corruption is mismanagement by people in positions of power, such as managers or government officials. Corruption includes giving or accepting bribes or inappropriate gifts, plagiarism, refundable transactions, electoral fraud, embezzlement, money laundering and corporate fraud. An example of corruption in the financial world is an investment manager who actually runs a ponzi program.

  3. There are many situations in which a person can be considered corrupt. In the financial services industry, licensed financial analysts and other financial professionals must adhere to the Code of Conduct and avoid situations that could create a conflict of interest. Penalties for perpetrators of corruption include fines, imprisonment and damaging reputation. Corrupt behavior can have a long-term negative impact on a company. In 2015, five major investment banks were fined a total of 5. 5.5 billion for manipulating the foreign exchange market between 2007 and 2013.

Synonyms of Corruption

Misinformation, Cacology, Defilement, Slanting, Gammacism, Obscuration, Mispronunciation, Corruptness, Furfur, Unstraightforwardness, Abomination, Mischief, Detriment, Subversion, Breakup, Poisoning, Decay, Jeu de mots, Dilapidation, Bad, Befouling, Graft, Rust, Mystification, Trickiness, Mildew, Resolution, Degeneration, Festering, Deviousness, Reprobacy, Misconstruction, Vulgarism, Suppuration, Turpitude, Localism, Colloquialism, Misleading, Misuse, Unscrupulousness, Gangrene, Perversion, Slime, Sordes, Havoc, Dilution, Poison, Decadence, Muck, Underhandedness, Criminality, Dandruff, Mucus, Misspeaking, Crookedness, Logogram, The worst, Palindrome, Ill, Amphibologism, Harm, Abandon, Brainwashing, Outrage, Prostitution, Calembour, Dissoluteness, Carrion, Debasement, Infection, Bribery, Rottenness, Paralambdacism, Bane, Scuz, Wrong, Pararhotacism, Depravity, Spoonerism, Unsavoriness, Counterindoctrination, Anagram, Atrocity, Crying evil, Barbarism, Torturing, Antiphrasis, Pollution, Misrepresentation, Misdirection, Obscurantism, Blight, Grievance, Degradation, Reindoctrination, Ordure, Lacing, Play on words, Biodegradability, Despoliation, Depravedness, Degradability, Foul matter, Evil, Corruptedness, Cacoepy, Improbity, False coloring, Rot, Solecism, Sophistry, Smut, Envenoming, Oxidization, Fouling, Destruction, Degenerateness, Indirection, Bribery and corruption, Misknowledge, Alienation, Pus, Fraudulence, Vexation, Rhotacism, Mytacism, Metagram, Unconscientiousness, Pun, Injury, Bastardizing, Equivocality, Misteaching, Shadiness, Dishonor, Watering, Mold, Dishonesty, Acrostic, Feloniousness, Fraudulency, Ungrammaticism, Shiftiness, Corrosion, Befoulment, Decomposition, Spoilage, Misinstruction, Moral pollution, College of Laputa, Obfuscation, Fortifying, Demoralization, Cutting, Indoctrination, Doctoring, Woe, Oxidation, Subornation, Impropriety, Punning, Adulteration, Biodegradation, Logogriph, Moral turpitude, Mess, Putrid matter, Bribing, Decadency, Disintegration, Excrement, Wordplay, Abuse of terms, Disorganization, Snot, Taboo word, Abandonment, Slipperiness, Degeneracy, Evasiveness, Obscenity, Toxin, Damage, Paronomasia, Straining, Amphiboly, Misguidance, Spiking, Abjection, Malapropism, Depravation, Dissolution, Misusage, Misinterpretation, Filth, Venom, Profligacy, Hurt, Lambdacism, Equivoque, Missaying, Slang, Scurf, Vitiation, Infelicity, Contamination

How to use Corruption in a sentence?

  1. Allegations of corruption were leveled against the city's police chief, who used suspicious tactics and exaggerated his authority to detain long-time crime suspects.
  2. Corruption, such as bribery and misuse of funds, can prevent the government from providing basic services.
  3. Corruption in Washington, D.C.'s local government came to an end during Mayor Marion Berry's long tenure.

Meaning of Corruption & Corruption Definition


What Does Corruption Mean?

Lack of integrity. Illegal behavior such as taking bribes from the authorities. For example, politicians.

Meanings of Corruption

  1. Dishonesty or fraudulent treatment by the authorities, usually through bribery.

  2. The process by which an object, usually a word or phrase, is transformed from its original use or meaning into something that is considered to be wrong or corrupt.

  3. PtTrification

Sentences of Corruption

  1. Journalists who want to report high-level corruption

  2. The history of the word corruption

  3. Potatoes turned black and rotted with corruption

Synonyms of Corruption

misconduct, breakdown, double-dealing, manipulation, alteration, misapplication, duplicity, manipulating, villainy, wrongdoing, deceit, perishing, deception, fudging, falsification, crime, dishonest dealings, delinquency, lawbreaking, putrefaction