Definition of Corrosion:

  1. The process of corroding metal, stone, or other materials.

  2. Gradual alteration, degradation, or eating away of a metal due to a chemical or electrochemical reaction between it and its environment. See also cathodic protection and rusting.

Synonyms of Corrosion

Wearing away, Abrasion, Scraping away, Grinding down, Crumbling, Wear and tear, Weathering, Dissolving, Dissolution, Ablation, Atomization, Attrition, Biodegradability, Biodegradation, Breakup, Consumption, Corruption, Crumbling, Decay, Decomposition, Decrement, Degradability, Degradation, Deliquescence, Depletion, Dilapidation, Disintegration, Disjunction, Disorganization, Dissipation, Dissolution, Erosion, Exhaustion, Incoherence, Loss, Mildew, Mold, Oxidation, Oxidization, Ravages of time, Resolution, Rust, Shrinkage, Spoilage, Waste, Wear, Wear and tear

How to use Corrosion in a sentence?

  1. Each aircraft part is sprayed with oil to prevent corrosion.

Meaning of Corrosion & Corrosion Definition