Corroborating evidence

Corroborating evidence,

Definition of Corroborating evidence:

  1. Supplementary evidence provided to strengthen or confirm the principal evidence.

Meaning of Corroborating evidence & Corroborating evidence Definition

Corroborating Evidence,

Definition of Corroborating Evidence:

  1. The definition of Corroborating Evidence is: Additional evidence that corroborates or corroborates the original evidence.

Literal Meanings of Corroborating Evidence


Meanings of Corroborating:
  1. Acknowledgment or support (statement, theory or conclusion)

Sentences of Corroborating
  1. The witness confirmed the report of the attack on the children

Synonyms of Corroborating

confirm, validate, certify, authenticate, ratify, endorse, verify


Meanings of Evidence:
  1. Be proof or show.

  2. A collection of available facts or information that indicates whether a belief or statement is true or false.

Sentences of Evidence
  1. The remains of the newborn building prove that it was inhabited from ancient times

  2. The study found little evidence of total discrimination

Synonyms of Evidence

signify, display, proof, corroboration, evince, authentication, be evidence of, indicate, documentation, attestation, verification, substantiation, confirmation, denote, show, exhibit, manifest, affirmation, reveal