Corrimento Pastoso Branco

Corrimento Pastoso Branco

Secretion / NCO Yellow / Cream Run L?

Friends, you had health problems, trusting a doctor, coming to get or take a cure, but not stopping or treating. One, study Ideum; prove that the same behavior is no longer good, but you should go back to the hint. Kind of good

Girl, if you are very responsible, if you put a medical because of the need for it, you will not take it and will not get rid of it, you are contagious and still in contact, give up or love. Or treat it early, don't rush it and don't take it away because of which you have stopped. And remove your pepper: NCO + paste + creamy + with fragrance and itching) = infection  £ o.

Corrimento Pastoso Branco

Corrimento Pastoso Branco

Sarao / nco yellow / cream run l. 3

Hello logo I have a suspicion 1 day I started getting discharge / moisture

No light / soft smell, itchy and mild, tiring, everything light

My boyfriend and I lost Dad together and 2 years ago.

Together we can be sure that nothing will happen. A doctor said he had an infection.

Nothing but the medicine I took, but it didn't stop,

Could this secret be due to an infection? Will you return to normal? He was not going beyond the first intensity.

My period stopped on my ■■■■■■■ and I had intercourse that day, I took birth control pills

So I don't think it's pregnancy, I don't know what it is.

Give your opinion otherwise what will happen? : /

Friends, you have had health problems, trust the doctor, come or fix it, but not closed or cured. a, Study Idem. Prove that the same treatment no longer serves or serves, but and you have to go back to the tip. properly.

Corrimento Pastoso Branco