Definition of Correlative:

  1. A word or concept that has a mutual relationship with another word or concept.

  2. Having a mutual relationship; corresponding.

  3. Having interdependent (complementary or reciprocal, but not necessarily causal) relationship.

Synonyms of Correlative

Equivalent, Opposite number, Peer, Equal, Parallel, Complement, Match, Twin, Mate, Fellow, Brother, Sister, Analogue, Correlative, Accessory, Accompanying, Affinitive, Agnate, Akin, Allied, Analogical, Analogous, Appertaining, Associated, Associative, Attendant, Attending, Cognate, Coincident, Collatable, Collateral, Combined, Commensurable, Commensurate, Comparable, Comparative, Concomitant, Concurrent, Congeneric, Congenerous, Congenial, Conjoint, Connate, Connatural, Connected, Connective, Conspecific, Corelated, Corelational, Corelative, Correlated, Correlational, Coupled, En rapport, Enate, Fellow, Joined, Joint, Linking, Matchable, Much at one, Mutual, Paired, Parallel, Pertaining, Pertinent, Proportionable, Proportional, Proportionate, Referable, Referring, Relating, Relational, Relative, Similar, Simultaneous, Sympathetic, Twin, Reciprocal, Reciprocated, Requited, Returned, Give-and-take, Interchangeable, Interactive, Complementary, Correlative

How to use Correlative in a sentence?

  1. Rights, whether moral or legal, can involve correlative duties.
  2. The childs right to education is a correlative of the parents duty to send the child to school.

Meaning of Correlative & Correlative Definition