An agent's order in which it is deemed necessary to state all corrective measures.

The agent's instructions must be completed by the insurance company.

Literal Meanings of CORRECTIVE ORDER


Meanings of CORRECTIVE:
  1. Anything that needs to be corrected or contradicted.

  2. Designed to repair or counter any harmful or unwanted object.

Sentences of CORRECTIVE
  1. This measure can be corrected for some ineffective methods in the hospital.

  2. Management has been informed so that corrective action can be taken

Synonyms of CORRECTIVE

therapeutic, medication, reparatory, antiserum, remedy, antidote, reparative, ameliorative, curative, restorative, rehabilitative, medicine, remedial, corrective, medicament


Meanings of ORDER:
  1. Give instructions or instructions that you are authorized to do something.

  2. Order (something) to be made, provided or presented.

  3. Arrange (some) accordingly.

  4. Arranging or arranging people or things in relation to each other by a particular order, pattern or method.

  5. Government orders, instructions or directives.

  6. Society of monks, priests, nuns, etc. Those who live according to certain religious and social rules and regulations and in which at least some of the members made strong prayers. A society of knights united by common principles, with military prowess and monastic character. An institution established by the king to become a member of the Masonic Order of Honor or Merit A or a similar fraternal organization to give one or more awards to these people.

  7. The quality, nature or meaning of something.

  8. Central classification category below class and above family.

  9. One of the five classic architectural styles based on column proportions, number of decorations, etc. (Dork, Ionic, Corinthian, Tuscan and Composite).

  10. Equipment or uniforms for a particular use or type.

  11. The degree of complexity of an equation, expression, etc., indicated by a sequence number.

Sentences of ORDER
  1. He told me to go

  2. My friend booked his ticket last week

  3. All entries are sorted by date

  4. I sorted alphabetically

  5. I will not accept requests from a simple administrator

  6. If only the farmers stood up against the order

  7. With so much musical ability, Van Carjan will become a phenomenon at any age

  8. Determine for yourself the differences between the orders of Corinth, Ionic and Dork.

  9. Drilling work

  10. Transcending second order identification data to trans-transfer equations is very complex.

Synonyms of ORDER

lay out, ilk, disposition, edict, require, put in order, commandment, direct, kind, give the order to, series, nature, brotherhood, dictate, class, grouping, charge, taxonomic group, write off for, set in order, regulate, family, instruct, system