Definition of Corpus:

  1. Trust property.

  2. Collection of all the available knowledge on a topic, or all the published material on a subject. Also called body of knowledge (BOK).

  3. The main body or mass of a structure.

  4. A collection of written texts, especially the entire works of a particular author or a body of writing on a particular subject.

  5. Principal amount or the thing itself as distinct from its interest or income.

Synonyms of Corpus

Collection, Compilation, Body, Entity, Whole, Aggregation, Mass, A to Z, A to izzard, Festschrift, Acquaintance, Aggregate, All, All and sundry, Alpha and omega, Ana, Anatomy, Anthology, Aquarium, Assemblage, Be-all, Be-all and end-all, Beginning and end, Body, Bones, Bulk, Capital, Capital gains distribution, Capital structure, Capitalization, Carcass, Chrestomathy, Circulating capital, Clay, Clod, Collectanea, Collection, Compilation, Complement, Core, Data, Datum, Each and every, Equity capital, Everything, Experience, Expertise, Facts, Factual base, Familiarity, Figure, Fixed capital, Flesh, Floating capital, Florilegium, Form, Frame, Fund, Holdings, Hulk, Information, Intelligence, Intimacy, Ken, Know-how, Knowing, Knowledge, Length and breadth, Library, Mass, Material body, Menagerie, Moneyed capital, Museum, One and all, Package, Package deal, Person, Physical body, Physique, Practical knowledge, Principal, Private knowledge, Privity, Ratio cognoscendi, Raw data, Self-knowledge, Set, Soma, Staple, Substance, Technic, Technics, Technique, The corpus, The ensemble, The entirety, The lot, The whole, The whole range, Torso, Treasure, Trunk, Venture capital, Working capital, Zoo

How to use Corpus in a sentence?

  1. The Darwinian corpus.
  2. The right fallopian tube, right ovary, uterine corpus, and uterine cervix were all grossly unremarkable.

Meaning of Corpus & Corpus Definition