You can define CORPORATE TRAVEL as, This includes luggage, overseas medical expenses, money, personal accident benefits, lost reserves and other potential liabilities that the insured may have during a visit to the insured company. This policy is usually purchased every year.

Literal Meanings of CORPORATE TRAVEL


Meanings of CORPORATE:
  1. In relation to a company, especially a large company or group.

  2. Company or group.

Sentences of CORPORATE
  1. Airlines are closely linked to their corporate identity

  2. The rating measures the average risk of default by a company in a country.


Meanings of TRAVEL:
  1. Walking from place to place, usually covering a certain distance.

  2. (Of an object or radiation) is usually permanent or expected.

  3. Take more than the usual (usually two) steps while holding the ball without dribbling.

  4. Travel Action

  5. The range, speed or type of movement of a machine part.

Sentences of TRAVEL
  1. The plane traveled from Libya to Ireland

  2. Light travels faster than sound

  3. My job involves a lot of travel

Synonyms of TRAVEL

move, proceed, progress, advance