Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality,

Corporate Hospitality: What is the Meaning of Corporate Hospitality?

  • Definition of Corporate Hospitality: Entertainment is provided by companies that build good relationships with employees, customers, other companies and others.

Literal Meanings of Corporate Hospitality


Meanings of Corporate:
  1. A company or group.

  2. In relation to a company, especially a large company or group.

Sentences of Corporate
  1. The rating measures the average default risk of companies in the country.

  2. Airlines attach great importance to their corporate identity


Meanings of Hospitality:
  1. Friendly and hospitable reception and entertainment for guests, visitors or foreigners.

  2. Refers to or refers to the activity of receiving or receiving visitors.

Sentences of Hospitality
  1. Scotland is known for its hospitality.

  2. sympathy

Synonyms of Hospitality

warm-heartedness, warmth, liberality, generosity, bountifulness, open-handedness, geniality, kind-heartedness, friendliness, cordiality, welcome, conviviality, helpfulness, neighbourliness, amicability, kindness, warm reception, congeniality, amenability, sociability, hospitableness