Corporate bond

Corporate bond,

Definition of Corporate bond:

  1. Bond issued by a firm, not by a government or municipality.

  2. A corporate bond is a type of debt security that is issued by a firm and sold to investors. The company gets the capital it needs and in return the investor is paid a pre-established number of interest payments at either a fixed or variable interest rate. When the bond expires, or "reaches maturity," the payments cease and the original investment is returned.

  3. The backing for the bond is generally the ability of the company to repay, which depends on its prospects for future revenues and profitability. In some cases, the company's physical assets may be used as collateral.

How to use Corporate bond in a sentence?

  1. I was interested in a corporate bond because I did not trust the government and didnt want anything to do with them.
  2. Buying a corporate bond can be a great investment because it should be very low risk and almost a guarantee.
  3. The highest quality (and safest, lower yielding) bonds are commonly referred to as "Triple-A" bonds, while the least creditworthy are termed "junk".
  4. A corporate bond is debt issued by a company in order for it to raise capital.
  5. An investor who buys a corporate bond is effectively lending money to the company in return for a series of interest payments, but these bonds may also actively trade on the secondary market.
  6. Some companies will put out a corporate bond and they can be a very good and low risk investment opportunity.
  7. Corporate bonds are typically seen as somewhat riskier than U.S. government bonds, so they usually have higher interest rates to compensate for this additional risk.

Meaning of Corporate bond & Corporate bond Definition

Corporate Bond,

Corporate Bond Meanings:

Corporate bonds are a type of securities issued by companies and sold to investors. The company receives the necessary capital and, in return, the investor receives a fixed interest payment at a fixed or variable interest rate. When a liability matures or matures, the payment is deferred and the actual investment is written off.

  • Corporate bonds are bonds issued by companies to raise capital.
  • An investor who buys corporate bonds lends money to the company for interest payments, but these bonds can also be actively traded in the secondary market.
  • Corporate bonds are generally considered to be less risky than US Treasury bonds, so they generally have higher interest rates to cover this additional risk.
  • Bonds with the highest quality (and safest, lowest yields) are generally called triple-A bonds, while those with the lowest solvents are called junk.

Loan instruments issued by the company to effectively raise funds to run your business. Corporate bonds generally refer to long-term debt securities with a maturity of at least one year from the date of issue. Bonds usually refer to short-term debt.

Long-term bonds issued by companies to raise debt capital

Bonds issued by companies and non-governmental organizations. The credit risk of a corporate bond depends on the lender's ability to lend.

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Meanings of Corporate:
  1. A company or group.

  2. In relation to a company, especially a large company or group.

Sentences of Corporate
  1. The rating measures the average default risk of companies in the country.

  2. Airlines attach great importance to their corporate identity


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Corporate Bond,

Corporate Bond Definition:

  1. Loans issued by a private company are not issued by a government agency or local authority.

  2. You can define Corporate Bond as, Loans to companies that generate interest income. .

  3. Invest in US corporate debt securities. Corporate bonds are taxed and have a specific maturity date. They are often listed on major stock exchanges.

Literal Meanings of Corporate Bond


Synonyms of Bond

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