Definition of Coroner:

  1. Government official appointed to investigate the causes and circumstances of (conduct an inquest into) sudden, suspicious, or violent deaths. A coroners court is a fact finding and not a prosecuting body.

  2. An official who investigates violent, sudden, or suspicious deaths.

Synonyms of Coroner

Doctor of Medicine, GP, MD, Allopath, Allopathist, Attending physician, Autopsy, Country doctor, Croaker, Doc, Doctor, Family doctor, General practitioner, House physician, Inquest, Intern, Leech, Medical attendant, Medical examiner, Medical man, Medical practitioner, Medico, Mortality committee, Necropsy, Necroscopy, Physician, Physician in ordinary, Postmortem, Postmortem examination, Resident, Resident physician, Sawbones

How to use Coroner in a sentence?

  1. The function of the coroners inquest is to establish the cause of death, not to apportion blame.

Meaning of Coroner & Coroner Definition