Corona Com Limão

Corona Com Limão

Why did you put a piece of lime on the neck of the beer or not? 3

This lemonade is used to drink Mexican beer such as Sol and Corona. This beer is light and fresh and has a lot of salt in it. Try Mexican fashion for a light beer.

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To get rid of flies and insects that fly in the largest. it is.

A true story that American surfers visited Mexico, poured too much soda into the beer and brought it back home, and ate it with lemons at every bar in Corona in February, the two Ndorians didn't like it, but as a result I also burned the dressings in oil and put camisole or lemon in it.

Mexican beer tradition. It was born out of fica. How to drink canned beer with salt and clean in Tampa !!!!!!!

He has a son. The lemon beer experience is only good for crushing or mr.


It's just as good as corona or the same wheat beer made from it. Also try NS2 Nova's is a very smooth beer with tequila and lemons.

Corona Com Limão