Core assets

Core assets,

Definition of Core assets:

  1. Core assets include all assets including essential, important, or valuable property without which a company cannot carry on with its normal operations and remain profitable. Core assets are required to help the company generate revenue.

  2. These assets can be financed by long-term capital, such as bonds or by taking out debt. Core current assets may also be referred to as hardcore working capital.

  3. Business: The assets owned by a company that are essential to its ability to generate profitable revenue. The profitable components of a business that may include production facilities, distribution outlets, a wholly-owned subsidiary, or a division of the company.

  4. Investments: Assets, such as specific category of stocks, bonds or real estate, that form the long-term foundation of an investment portfolio.

How to use Core assets in a sentence?

  1. Companies that are forced to sell their core assets are generally liquidating or about to go bankrupt.
  2. Core assets are required by companies to keep their operations running smoothly, and help them generate revenue.
  3. Examples of core assets may include tangible assets such as machinery, production facilities, and intangible assets such as intellectual property.
  4. These assets are can be financed by long-term capital or debt.

Meaning of Core assets & Core assets Definition