Definition of Cord:

  1. Ribbed fabric, especially corduroy.

  2. Attach a cord to.

  3. Thin, flexible string or rope made from several twisted strands.

  4. A measure of cut wood, usually 128 cubic feet (3.62 cu m).

  5. Traditional unit of piled firewood sold by volume. One cord measures an 8 x 4 x 4 foot stack and equals 128 cubic feet or 3.62 cubic meters. Subdivided into eight cord foot.

Synonyms of Cord

String, Thread, Thong, Lace, Ribbon, Strap, Tape, Tie, Line, Rope, Cable, Wire, Ligature, Beam, Billet, Board, Boarding, Braid, Brail, Cable, Clapboard, Cordwood, Deal, Driftwood, Firewood, Hardwood, Lath, Lathing, Lathwork, Ligament, Ligation, Ligature, Line, Log, Lumber, Panelboard, Paneling, Panelwork, Plank, Planking, Plyboard, Plywood, Pole, Post, Puncheon, Rope, Shake, Sheathing, Sheathing board, Sheeting, Shingle, Sideboard, Siding, Slab, Slat, Softwood, Splat, Spun yarn, Stave, Stick, Stick of wood, Stovewood, String, Tendon, Thong, Three-by-four, Timber, Timbering, Timberwork, Twine, Twist, Two-by-four, Weatherboard, Wire, Wood, Yarn

How to use Cord in a sentence?

  1. Hang the picture from a rail on a length of cord.
  2. Cord jackets.
  3. Firewood is generally sold by volume, the most common measure being the cord.
  4. You will need to cord the blind.

Meaning of Cord & Cord Definition

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