Cor De Tinta Bege

Cor De Tinta Bege

What basic mix should Corbag ​​offer? ۔


Great for Iron Gate or going out with a mix of Ivory and Konque. Physically there are equal parts of darkness, but ivory is not light. I did it without wanting to, I had peas, little by little, everyone.

Well, no chocolate drop ink, I'll take it or ask for another or light brown check wherever I want. So brown or yellow, red and blue help the most, depending on how much space there is in each shade. Never set a price like a pea will say or you will get a piece of ash and not a beggar. Or instead, buy paint in the desired color already, the last paint you need for a day is cheap and still difficult to apply a certain shade. Good kind

Cho, yellow, a touch of red, and a little black depending on the tone of voice.

The amount of individual ink depends on the desired allied shade. The melted cream, which is also a tea bag, only takes NCO and yellow.

Be it blended or black for you.

Cor De Tinta Bege