Definition of Copywriter:

  1. Professional who composes headings, sub-headings, and body copy of advertisements, brochures, catalogs, direct mail offers, product literature, etc. Some copywriters work independently while others are employed by the advertising agencies.

Synonyms of Copywriter

Advertising writer, Annalist, Art critic, Author, Authoress, Belletrist, Bibliographer, Coauthor, Collaborator, Columnist, Compiler, Composer, Creative writer, Critic, Dance critic, Diarist, Drama critic, Dramatist, Encyclopedist, Essayist, Free lance, Free-lance writer, Ghost, Ghostwriter, Humorist, Inditer, Literary artist, Literary craftsman, Literary critic, Literary man, Litterateur, Logographer, Magazine writer, Man of letters, Monographer, Music critic, Newspaperman, Novelettist, Novelist, Pamphleteer, Penwoman, Poet, Prose writer, Reviewer, Scenario writer, Scenarist, Scribe, Scriptwriter, Short-story writer, Storyteller, Technical writer, Word painter, Wordsmith, Writer

How to use Copywriter in a sentence?

  1. Having a good copywriter on your staff will allow you to know that all of your paperwork will always be quality and official.
  2. Having a good copywriter on your side will help to ensure that all of your documents are drawn up legally and professionally.
  3. Make sure you get those brochures to the copywriter by the end of the month, as they need to be mailed out next month to the prospective investors.

Meaning of Copywriter & Copywriter Definition