Definition of Coordination:

  1. Synchronization and coordination and integration of activities, responsibilities and command and control framework is to ensure that organizational resources are used efficiently to achieve specific goals. In addition to management, monitoring and control, coordination is also one of the important tasks of management.

  2. Ability to use different parts of the body simultaneously and easily.

  3. Atom bonds are formed by integrated bonds.

  4. Organize multiple organizational elements or complex activities so that they can work together effectively.

Synonyms of Coordination

Cleverness, Efficiency, Cunning, Expertise, Normalization, Workmanship, Integration, Deftness, Tactfulness, Analysis, Prowess, Rationalization, Accommodation, Manipulation, Adeptness, Resourcefulness, Resource, Dexterity, Codification, Grip, Wizardry, Administration, Synchronization, Know-how, Organization, Planning, Readiness, Quickness, Regulation, Timing, Wit, Tact, Reconciliation, Ingenuity, Ingeniousness, Command, Style, Regimentation, Artisanship, Virtuosity, Capacity, Control, Execution, Masterminding, Diplomacy, Evening, Handling, Engineering, Planning, Bravura, Facility, Skill, Finesse, Savoir-faire, Equation, Mastery, Running, Equating, Savvy, Direction, Practical ability, Systematization, Arrangement, Grace, Plans, Harmonization, Output measurement, Nonlinear calibrations, Reconcilement, Methodization, Charting, Craft, Coordination, Mastership, Coaptation, Automatic electronic navigation, Management, Address, Ability, Processing, Technical mastery, Artistry, Assimilation, Symmetrization, Adjustment, Fact distribution, Craftsmanship, Competence, Balancing, Dextrousness, Regularization, Evening up, Capability, Handiness, Computation, Steering, Technical brilliance, Routinization, Marksmanship, Horsemanship, Proficiency, Skillfulness, Technical skill, Forecasts, Adaptation, Equalizing, Adroitness, Artfulness, Record keeping, Supersonic flow detection, Accounting, Seamanship, Technique, Equilibration, Equalization, Squaring, Inspection, Orchestration, Airmanship, Attunement, Organization, Dexterousness, Brilliance, Ordination, Braking

How to use Coordination in a sentence?

  1. Good business coordination can prepare the right people to do the right thing for the growth of your business.
  2. Professional acrobats perform extremely close to the level of skill and coordination, no doubt because they are the best athletes of their kind in the world.
  3. Sandy is good at running his office smoothly, and whenever he comes up with a new project, the boss realizes his impressive coordination skills.
  4. The two countries agreed to intensify efforts to coordinate economic policies.
  5. In both cases, the new structure is an interesting and unique case of metal cohesion in enzymatic catalysis.
  6. Moving from one place to another requires harmony and balance.

Meaning of Coordination & Coordination Definition

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