Definition of Coordination:

  1. The synchronization and integration of activities, responsibilities, and command and control structures to ensure that the resources of an organization are used most efficiently in pursuit of the specified objectives. Along with organizing, monitoring, and controlling, coordinating is one of the key functions of management.

  2. The ability to use different parts of the body together smoothly and efficiently.

  3. The linking of atoms by coordinate bonds.

  4. The organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively.

Synonyms of Coordination

Organization, Planning, Plans, Management, Arrangement, Administration, Masterminding, Direction, Orchestration, Regimentation, Engineering, Coordination, Execution, Handling, Running, Ability, Accommodation, Accounting, Adaptation, Address, Adeptness, Adjustment, Adroitness, Airmanship, Analysis, Artfulness, Artisanship, Artistry, Assimilation, Attunement, Automatic electronic navigation, Balancing, Braking, Bravura, Brilliance, Capability, Capacity, Charting, Cleverness, Coaptation, Codification, Command, Competence, Computation, Control, Craft, Craftsmanship, Cunning, Deftness, Dexterity, Dexterousness, Dextrousness, Diplomacy, Efficiency, Equalization, Equalizing, Equating, Equation, Equilibration, Evening, Evening up, Expertise, Facility, Fact distribution, Finesse, Forecasts, Grace, Grip, Handiness, Harmonization, Horsemanship, Ingeniousness, Ingenuity, Inspection, Integration, Know-how, Manipulation, Marksmanship, Mastership, Mastery, Methodization, Nonlinear calibrations, Normalization, Ordination, Organization, Output measurement, Planning, Practical ability, Processing, Proficiency, Prowess, Quickness, Rationalization, Readiness, Reconcilement, Reconciliation, Record keeping, Regularization, Regulation, Resource, Resourcefulness, Routinization, Savoir-faire, Savvy, Seamanship, Skill, Skillfulness, Squaring, Steering, Style, Supersonic flow detection, Symmetrization, Synchronization, Systematization, Tact, Tactfulness, Technical brilliance, Technical mastery, Technical skill, Technique, Timing, Virtuosity, Wit, Wizardry, Workmanship

How to use Coordination in a sentence?

  1. Having good business coordination will allow you to have the right people doing the right jobs so your business can thrive.
  2. The professional acrobats performed with a level of skill and coordination that was almost superhuman, leaving no doubt why they were the number one performers of their kind in the world.
  3. Sandy was excellent at helping her office run smoothly, and her boss took notice of her impressive coordination skills every time that she was assigned a new project.
  4. Both countries agreed to intensify efforts at economic policy coordination.
  5. In either case, the new structure represents an interesting and unique case of metal coordination in enzyme catalysis.
  6. Changing from one foot position to another requires coordination and balance.

Meaning of Coordination & Coordination Definition