Coordination Centre

Coordination Centre,

Coordination Centre means,

  1. Coordination Centre means: Companies whose primary purpose is to coordinate, research, or support the activities of affiliated societies.

Literal Meanings of Coordination Centre


Meanings of Coordination:
  1. Organize multiple elements of a complex body or activity so that they work together effectively

  2. Collaborative efforts that are fruitful relationships.

  3. Ability to use different parts of the body at the same time easily and efficiently.

  4. Alliance of atoms through integrated bonds.

Sentences of Coordination
  1. Throughout history, complex activities have been carried out that required large-scale coordination and control by a large number of people, but there was not always a manager to perform them.

  2. A National Volunteer Coordinator will be selected to coordinate and manage contacts in the volunteer activities.

  3. As a former Director of Engineering, Schultz will be responsible for handling and coordinating all manufacturing activities.

  4. The center is connected to all the cities in the district and in case of any disaster, the center will coordinate activities.

  5. Occupational health policy observes the adoption of the Youth Health Action Plan to ensure better coordination of policies and services to address the health problems of youth and preschool children.

  6. Its main purpose was to coordinate the activities of the Indian National Congress in the country's struggle for independence.

  7. Other measures can be implemented, while separate plans can be developed to coordinate.

  8. Joint policy planning, management and coordination are essential.

  9. The first level of criticism of socialism is that co-operation in economic activity is a prerequisite for private ownership of the means of production.

  10. It will also contribute to the accuracy of agricultural activities in the country.

  11. The role played by the architect was to harmonize the different elements of the design.

Synonyms of Coordination

plans, working together, regimentation, teamwork, engineering, give and take, mutual support, understanding, unity, concurrence, masterminding, compromise, partnership, accord, management, handling, orchestration, arrangement, direction, running, combined effort, coordination, synergy, execution, coopetition, liaison, administration, planning