Definition of Coordinates:

  1. Matching items of clothing.

  2. Equal in rank or importance.

  3. Form a coordinate bond to (an atom or molecule).

  4. Set of two numbers that can locate any point on a grid or chart. One (the abscissa or X-axis) measures left or right (horizontal) distance; the other (the ordinate or Y-axis) measures up or down (vertical) distance.

  5. Each of a group of numbers used to indicate the position of a point, line, or plane.

  6. Denoting a type of covalent bond in which one atom provides both the shared electrons.

  7. Bring the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into a harmonious or efficient relationship.

Synonyms of Coordinates

Outfit, Costume, Suit, Coordinates, Matching separates, Set of clothes, Harmonize, Correlate, Interrelate, Synchronize, Bring together

How to use Coordinates in a sentence?

  1. The sodium atom is coordinated to two oxygen atoms.
  2. Matching accessories provide a complete ensemble of colour coordinates.
  3. If you have a very important package on the way you can have it tracked and follow its coordinates along its journey.
  4. My friend told me the directions to the place, but I needed more information, so I asked for specific coordinates .
  5. The coordinates of the cargo ship were sent to us so we could identify where exactly our goods were located right now.
  6. It happened when he came across a theorem which stated that points in the plane could be specified with a single coordinate.
  7. Cross references in the catalogue link subjects which may be coordinate.
  8. However, in a more restricted sense, complex ions are charged species in which a metal atom is joined by coordinate covalent bonds to neutral molecules and/or negative ions.
  9. He had responsibility for coordinating Londons transport services.

Meaning of Coordinates & Coordinates Definition

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