Conviction Code

Conviction Code,

Definition of Conviction Code:

If someone commits a crime and receives a fine while driving, the Driver and Vehicle Registration Authority (DVLA) has a four-digit code on the driver's license. †

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Meanings of Conviction:
  1. The formal declaration that a person is guilty of a crime is made on the basis of a decision in a jury or judge's court.

  2. Strong beliefs or opinions.

Sentences of Conviction
  1. Previously convicted of a similar crime

  2. He is proud to express his political beliefs

Synonyms of Conviction

idea, declaration of guilt, position, pronouncement of guilt, belief, opinion, judgement, view, stance, thought, sentence, persuasion


Meanings of Code:
  1. Replacement of words, letters, numbers or other symbols A system of placement of words, letters, etc., primarily for privacy purposes.

  2. Program instructions

  3. Systematically store rules or regulations.

  4. Convert (the words in the message) to a specific code to express the secret meaning.

  5. Written code for (computer program)

  6. Provide genetic sequence (amino acids or proteins).

Sentences of Code
  1. The United States broke its diplomatic code

  2. Assembly code

  3. Criminal code

  4. Only Mitch can read the message, even the name is encrypted

  5. Like most C ++ code developers.

  6. Genes that secrete human growth hormone

Synonyms of Code

jurisprudence, secret language, constitution, canon, regulations, charter, secret writing, laws, rules, hieroglyphics, set of symbols, cipher, key, system, body of law, law