Definition of Convey:

  1. Transport or carry to a place.

  2. Act of transferring the ownership of real property from its seller to its buyer.

Synonyms of Convey

Transport, Carry, Bring, Take, Fetch, Bear, Move, Ferry, Shuttle, Shift, Transfer, Abalienate, Alien, Alienate, Amortize, Articulate, Assign, Barter, Bear, Bequeath, Break, Breathe, Broadcast, Buck, Canalize, Carry, Cede, Channel, Channelize, Chime, Chorus, Come out with, Commit, Communicate, Conduct, Confer, Consign, Deed, Deed over, Deliver, Demise, Devolve upon, Disclose, Disseminate, Emit, Enfeoff, Enunciate, Exchange, Express, Ferry, Fling off, Fly, Formulate, Freight, Funnel, Get across, Get over, Give, Give expression, Give out with, Give title to, Give tongue, Give utterance, Give voice, Give word, Hand, Hand down, Hand on, Hand over, Hump, Impart, Leave word, Let out, Lift, Lip, Lug, Make known, Make over, Manhandle, Negotiate, Out with, Pack, Pass, Pass along, Pass on, Pass over, Phonate, Phrase, Pipe, Pour forth, Present, Project, Pronounce, Put across, Put forth, Put in words, Put through, Raise, Relegate, Remise, Render, Report, Say, Sell, Send, Send word, Set forth, Settle, Settle on, Share, Share with, Sign away, Sign over, Signal, Siphon, Sound, Surrender, Take, Tell, Throw off, Tote, Trade, Traject, Transfer, Transmit, Transport, Trench, Turn over, Utter, Verbalize, Vocalize, Voice, Waft, Whisk, Whisper, Wing, Word

How to use Convey in a sentence?

  1. Pipes were laid to convey water to the house.

Meaning of Convey & Convey Definition

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