Convertible loan

Convertible loan,

Definition of Convertible loan:

  1. Loan that entitles the lender (or the holder of loan debenture) to convert the loan to common or preferred stock (ordinary or preference shares) at a specified conversion rate and within a specified timeframe.

  2. A car with a folding or detachable roof.

  3. Able to be changed in form, function, or character.

  4. A convertible security.

Synonyms of Convertible loan

Changeable, Able to be changed, Exchangeable, Soft-top, Ragtop, Targa

How to use Convertible loan in a sentence?

  1. Brendan picked her up in his cherry-red convertible.
  2. An investment in convertibles can bring a higher return than an investment in equities.
  3. A convertible sofa.

Meaning of Convertible loan & Convertible loan Definition