Definition of Convergence:

  1. As the date of the convergence supply approaches, the price of the futures contract has to be shifted to the base price of the spot price. This literally means that futures contracts can be delivered on the last day to meet the terms of the contract. Futures contract prices and commodity base prices are the same. Both prices must be met. Otherwise, there are opportunities for mediation and risk-free profits.

  2. Iblis happens because the market does not allow the same product to be sold in the same place at two different prices. For example, you rarely see two gas stations on the same block with two very high fuel prices at one gas station. Car owners can easily get to this place with cheap price.

  3. The act or condition of the devil.

  4. A separate set of factors or phenomena, such as technology. For example, the convergence of computers and telecommunications in modern telephones.

Synonyms of Convergence

Meeting point, Junction, Branching, Interchange, Fork, Convergence, Criss-crossing, Crossing, Confluence, Vertex, Intersection, Apex

How to use Convergence in a sentence?

  1. If there is a significant difference between the price of the futures contract and the price on the last day of the primary delivery, this price difference will create risk-free mediation opportunities.
  2. Companies rely on IT and patient care practices to ensure that every interaction with the patient is accurately recorded.
  3. Change of lines at a distance.
  4. Convergence is the periodic movement of futures contract prices towards the base price or spot price.
  5. Rock and roll were created in the early 20th century by black and white musicians in harmony with country and blues music.
  6. There are very few risk-free arbitration opportunities when the price of a futures agreement reaches a spot rate close to the supply date.
  7. The price of the futures contract and the spot fee are approximately the same in the delivery date.
  8. The world of tablet computing and smartphone usage is getting closer, and technicians predict future synergies between the two.

Meaning of Convergence & Convergence Definition