Definition of Convention:

  1. Multilateral treaty, or the instrument negotiated under the auspices of an international organization, such as the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 1982, Convention On Contracts For The International Sale Of Goods. Statute of the International Court of Justice refers to international conventions, whether general or particular as a source of law apart from international customary rules and general principles of international law.

  2. Meetings convened for a specific purpose and for general attendance. Called congress in Europe.

Synonyms of Convention

Council of Nicaea, Council of Trent, Lateran Council, NATO, SEATO, Vatican Council, Accord, Agreement, Alliance, Amenities, Arrangement, Assemblee, Assembly, Assignation, At home, Audience, Ball, Bargain, Bargaining, Bargaining session, Bienseance, Binding agreement, Bon ton, Bond, Brawl, Canon, Capitulation, Cartel, Caucus, Chapter, Civilities, Civility, Classis, Code, Collective agreement, Colloquium, Comity, Commandment, Commission, Committee, Compact, Conciliarism, Conclave, Concord, Concordat, Concourse, Confab, Confabulation, Conference, Conformity, Confrontation, Congregation, Congress, Consistory, Consortium, Constitutional convention, Consuetude, Consultation, Contract, Convenance, Conventicle, Conventional usage, Conventionalism, Conventionality, Convocation, Correctness, Council, Council fire, Council of war, County convention, Courtliness, Covenant, Covenant of salt, Custom, Dance, Date, Deal, Decencies, Decency, Decorousness, Decorum, Dicker, Dictum, Diet, Diocesan conference, Diplomatic code, Discussion, Ecclesiastical council, Ecumenical council, Eisteddfod, Elegance, Elegancies, Employment contract, Entente, Entente cordiale, Established way, Etiquette, Exchange of views, Exquisite manners, Eyeball-to-eyeball encounter, Fashion, Festivity, Fete, Folkway, Forgathering, Form, Formal agreement, Formalities, Formality, Formula, Forum, Gathering, General principle, Get-together, Golden rule, Good form, Good manners, Guideline, Guiding principle, Haute couture, High fashion, High-level talk, Housewarming, Huddle, Imperative, Interchange of views, International agreement, Interview, Ironclad agreement, Law, League, Legal agreement, Legal contract, Levee, Manner, Manners, Maxim, Meet, Meeting, Mitzvah, Mode, Moral, Mores, Mutual agreement, Mutual-defense treaty, National convention, Natural politeness, Negotiations, News conference, Nominating convention, Nonaggression pact, Norm, Observance, Ordinance, Pact, Paction, Palaver, Panel, Parley, Parochial church council, Parochial council, Party, Plenary council, Plenum, Point of etiquette, Politeness, Politesse, Political convention, Pourparler, Powwow, Practice, Praxis, Precept, Preliminary convention, Presbytery, Prescription, Press conference, Prevailing taste, Principium, Principle, Prom, Promise, Proper thing, Proprieties, Propriety, Protocol, Punctilio, Quadrennial circus, Quiet good manners, Quorum, Rally, Reception, Regulation, Rendezvous, Ritual, Rubric, Rule, Rules of conduct, Seance, Seemliness, Seminar, Session, Settled principle, Shindig, Sit-in, Sitting, Social code, Social conduct, Social convention, Social graces, Social procedures, Social usage, Soiree, Standard, Standard behavior, Standard usage, Standing custom, State convention, Stipulation, Stream of fashion, Style, Summit, Summit conference, Summitry, Swim, Symposium, Synod, Tenet, Time-honored practice, Tradition, Transaction, Treaty, Trend, Turnout, Understanding, Union contract, Usage, Use, Valid contract, Vestry, Vogue, Wage contract, Way, What is done, Wont, Wonting, Working principle, Working rule

How to use Convention in a sentence?

  1. As part of the tradition of American politics, both major parties hold a convention each four-year election cycle; unifying their members and putting forward their candidate for President.
  2. The infectious disease physician went to a convention dedicated to newly emerging diseases so that he would be better prepared in his practice.
  3. This being his first year at The World Watchmakers� Convention , Bob has never dreamed there could be so many watchmakers from all over the world gathered in one place.

Meaning of Convention & Convention Definition