Definition of Conundrum:

  1. Vague and difficult issues or questions.

  2. A complex or ambiguous problem for which there is usually no clear solution. For example, a company that goes bankrupt may find itself in a dilemma when trying to find a way to make it profitable again.

Synonyms of Conundrum

Difficult question, Difficulty, Problem, Quandary, Dilemma, Vexed question

How to use Conundrum in a sentence?

  1. The company remains a mystery as its suppliers stop sending new materials and hundreds of orders fall.
  2. These puzzles are presented as puzzles even when the clever and puzzle master fails to solve them.
  3. One of the most difficult puzzles for experts.
  4. The illegal situation in the industry has left the CEO confused about how the company should be handled.

Meaning of Conundrum & Conundrum Definition