Controlled item

Controlled item,

Definition of Controlled item:

  1. Component or material placed under the direct control of an authorized person or agency (for its purchase, storage, and consumption) because of its cost or scarcity, or classified or harmful nature.

Meaning of Controlled item & Controlled item Definition

Controlled Item,

What is The Meaning of Controlled Item?

Controlled Item refers to An asset that the university needs to control the state of Texas, regardless of its value. Contact the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for more information.

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Meanings of Controlled:
  1. Don't express your emotions and don't control your emotions.

  2. In control of something or something.

  3. (Experiments, tests, etc.), under conditions that exclude the effect of error or external factors.

Sentences of Controlled
  1. All his words calmed down and came together

  2. Strongly controlled state financial markets


Meanings of Item:
  1. A single item or entity, especially one that is part of a list, collection, or aggregation.

  2. Its use is to list everything.

Sentences of Item
  1. Agenda item

Synonyms of Item

commodity, unit, bit, object, artefact, product, article, thing, module, piece