Definition of Control:

  1. The power to influence or guide people's behavior or events.

  2. Law: Ownership of the company's shareholding control.

  3. Manufacturing: A device or mechanism installed or regulated to control or manage the activity or process of a device, machine, person or system.

  4. Describe behavior or monitor operations.

  5. View administrative controls.

  6. Be aware when experimenting (strange factors that can affect results).

  7. Groups or individuals are used as a reference to review the results of research or experiment.

  8. A superior card that prevents your opponent from arranging a particular color.

  9. A member of the secret service organization who personally directs espionage activity.

Synonyms of Control

Lighten, Contain, Domination, Hold in hand, Horsemanship, Manipulation, Attendant godling, Shrouded spirit, New high, Play down, Subtle influence, Make the rules, Specter, Repute, Thought control, Guardian spirit, Departed spirit, Curtail, Practical ability, Lenity, Supremacy, Abate, Absolutism, Potency, Shadow, Dial, Charm, Administer, Acme, Primacy, Sovereignty, Chasten, Interdict, Pacifism, Authorization, Middle way, Unsubstantiality, Empire, Superintend, Noble experiment, Magnetism, Self-conquest, Leadership, Experimental method, Clout, Ne plus ultra, Numen, The conn, Genius, Repress, Appearance, Masan, Have the say, Ingeniousness, Command, Imperium, Cunning, Expertise, Top spot, Self-abnegation, Government, Diminish, Feudalism, Ordering, Keep in, Disfranchisement, Hold the reins, Oversee, Be in charge of, Discipline, Sober down, Impartiality, Sovereignty, Villenage, Tactfulness, Soften, Raj, Familiar, Lead on, Artisanship, Independence, Hold back, Leverage, Self-restraint, Indentureship, Bondage, Pilotage, Phantom, Automatic control, Wield authority, Attemper, Take command, Seamanship, Savvy, Favor, Spook, Self-control, Crack the whip, Engineer, Self-discipline, Moderation, Conduct, Tutelary, Check, Highest, Palms, Skipper, Testing, Helm, Regnancy, Vassalage, Subjection, Supervise, Govern, Mastery, Genius domus, Kingship, Savoir-faire, Height, Virtuosity, Moderate, Golden mean, Inhibition, Direction, Call the signals, Revenant, Claws, Prescribe, Address, Oversee, Retrench, Adroitness, Manes, Know-how, Serfhood, Guardian angel, Have control of, Snub, Retard, Withhold, Good genius, Servitude, Constrain, Blunt, Sobriety, Aplomb, Temperateness, Protection, Lemures, Have clout, Guide, Prestige, Lares and penates, Palliate, Ghost, Upper hand, Suppress, Pragmatism, Coordination, Record, Prohibit, Hindrance, Dybbuk, Lessen, Keep within bounds, Invisible helper, Supervisory control, Research and development, Wizardry, Eminence, Craft, Guidance, Helotry, Officer, Prudence, Stifle, Technical mastery, Sway, Determine, Management, Presence, Decide, Knob, Apparition, Self-denial, Self-command, Special providence, Hit and miss, Self-mastery, Mastership, Assuage, Retrenchment, Maximum, Artfulness, Direct, Personality, Hold in check, Dominion, Have the right, Protective tariff, Lares compitales, Evenness, Zenith, Style, Set back, Mechanism, Command, Possess authority, Damp, Steer, Tutelar god, Repose, Rule, De-emphasize, Hands, Hinder, Power, Suasion, Run, Deprivation of freedom, Deaden, Self-government, Power, Timing, Tentativeness, Rule of thumb, Hold in leash, Oversight, Workmanship, Persuasion, Straiten, Leadership, Predominance, Hold in, Headship, Manage, Take the lead, Totem, Penates, Quarterback, Manipulate, Steer, Tone down, Order, Pull, Banshee, Legal restraint, Restrain, Run, Carry on, Robot control, Reign, Unextravagance, Grasp, Disembodied spirit, Keep under control, Spectral ghost, Nothing in excess, Head up, Enslavement, Reins of government, Say, Self-possession, Nonviolence, Cool off, Slowing down, Steadiness, Credit, Authority, Lares familiaris, Be in control of, Dispose, Master, Dompt, Grip, Most, Tariff wall, Restraint of trade, Peel off, Hant, Abnegation, Ingenuity, Cooling, Bond service, Governance, Unexcessiveness, Stability, Wit, Restraint, Immateriality, Incidental power, Capacity, Mitigate, Have authority over, Ministering angel, Jurisdiction, Walking dead man, Pressure, Cooling off, Angel, Paramountcy, Fly, Blue ribbon, Alleviate, Pilot, Technical skill, Servility, Slacken, Enthrallment, Obtund, Predominance, Wandering soul, Serenity, Monopoly, Familiar spirit, Device, Tranquillity, Lares viales, Effectiveness, Skillfulness, Switch, Curb, Lenify, Directorship, Facility, Supremacy, Running, Ascendancy, Consequence, Calm, Domination, Calmness, Drive, Sprite, Efficiency, Possession, Ability, Influence, Maneuver, Jurisdiction, Spirit, Guide, Peonage, Put down, Experimental design, Wraith, Empiricism, Preside over, Helotism, Zombie, Disenfranchisement, First prize, Judiciousness, Deceleration, Shape, Handling, Slow down, Finesse, Keep, Subjugation, Household gods, Take in hand, Ascendancy, Decelerate, Authority, Sober, Presidency, Administration, Captivity, Cascade control, Incorporeal being, Purchase, Head, Solo, Vision, Duppy, Keep in check, Controlled experiment, Preponderance, Pull in, Cleverness, Esteem, Tyranny, Mastery, Rein in, Dominance, Insinuation, Sway, Competence, Dampen, Talons, Diplomacy, Managery, Dominate, Lead, Hold, Quickness, Head, Suggestion, Keep from, Neutrality, Captain, Form, Temper, Dominance, Continence, Subdue, Astral, Handiness, Meden agan, Pull the strings, Hold at bay, Handle, Artistry, Moderationism, Protectionism, Dispassion, Guardian, Feedback control, Moment, Shade, Reduce the temperature, Dull, Dextrousness, Curtailment, Supervision, Retardation, Thrall, Larva, Regulate, Thralldom, Check, Enjoin, Constraint, Leading, Bravura, Tune down, Hegemony, Extenuate, Benchmark, Cool, Be-all and end-all, Mastermind, Haunt, Underplay, Dexterity, Have the power, Trying, Be responsible for, Bank the fire, Reduce, Lay, Debt slavery, Rationing, Feudality, Incorporeity, Servo control, Have power, Injunction, Lares permarini, Genius loci, Electronic control, Via media, Steering, Abstinence, R and D, Charge, Modulate, Incorporeal, Iron hand, Rule, Grateful dead, Hold the helm, Poltergeist, Trial and error, Idolum, Happy medium, Unextremeness, Skill, Manage, Influentiality, Hegemony, The helm, Experimentation, Trial, Theophany, Good angel, Dexterousness, Inhibit, Might, Astral spirit, Strings, Experimental proof, Guard, Reign, Rein, Effect, Adeptness, Fairy godmother, Capability, Resourcefulness, Bridle, Steerage, Regulation, Experimentalism, Conservatism, Keep back, Disposition, Gripe, Allay, Craftsmanship, Direct, Enchantment, Grace, Standard, Hand, Good feeling, Serfdom, Button, Supervise, Ancestral spirits, Collect, The wheel, Action, Weight, Downplay, Proficiency, Experiment, Cooling down, Readiness, Have in hand, Technique, Importance, Lever, Deftness, Managing, Weaken, Copilot, Prowess, Eidolon, Slavery, Materialization, Prohibition, Marksmanship, Control action, Hold fast, Husbandry, Cut and try, Charisma, Have under control, Empery, Demon, Hold up, Tentative method, Arrest, Arrestation, Airmanship, Oni, Carry authority, Barnstorm, Call the shots, Clutches, Juste-milieu, Tame, Tact, Championship, Lordship, Wear the pants, Standard of comparison, Gentleness, Force, Government, Mildness, Smother, Resource, Moderateness, Temperance, Brilliance, Lay under restraint, Composure, Technical brilliance, Control experiment, Lares praestites, Daemon, First place, Whip hand

How to use Control in a sentence?

  1. When driving, you should use the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes to control the speed and direction of the vehicle and to avoid accidents.
  2. The whole company is under the production manager.
  3. Wanting to take control of the company, the CEO, along with his followers, conspired to buy a large stake.
  4. He sat down with his KGB controls while details of his new job were explained.
  5. They saw no difference between cancer patients and controls.
  6. It is important for the CEO of the company to control all his employees so that the business can run smoothly.
  7. No attempt to control change.
  8. It was set up to oversee the company's marketing strategy.

Meaning of Control & Control Definition

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Control Meanings:

  1. Ability to perform the second person or execute the will of the first person. Exercising one's control over others can help individuals and companies avoid or reduce their tax obligations. Generally, if a company owns more than 50% of the company's voting shares, it controls another company. However, definitions vary by country and situation.

Meanings of Control

  1. Keep this in mind when doing experiments (a strange factor that can affect results).

  2. Groups or individuals are used as reference points to review the results of a survey or experiment.

  3. A member of the secret service organization who personally directs espionage activities.

  4. A superior card that prevents the opponent from choosing a particular suit.

Sentences of Control

  1. Set to lead the company's marketing strategy

  2. No attempt was made to control this change.

  3. There was no difference between cancer patients and control

  4. KGB stays in control while details of his new job are revealed


What Does Control Mean?

  • The ability of a person to perform other actions or to carry out the will of the first person. One person's use of control over another allows individuals and companies to avoid or reduce their tax obligations. Generally, one company is considered to control another company if it owns more than 50% of the company's voting shares. However, definitions vary by country and situation.

Meanings of Control

  1. The power to influence or direct behavior or the course of events.

  2. Someone or something is used as a standard to verify the results of a test or experiment.

  3. A member of an intelligence organization that personally directs espionage activities.

  4. Determine behavior or monitor operation.

  5. (A strange factor that can affect the results of an experiment).

Sentences of Control

  1. The entire company is under the control of the production manager.

  2. Patients had higher platelet activity than patients with control.

  3. Sitting with his KGB control while details of his new job are explained.

  4. Both are control elements in small sets.

  5. Appointed to lead the company's marketing strategy.

  6. No attempt was made to control the change.

Synonyms of Control

call the tune, hold sway over, be in the saddle, prepollency, run the show, be in the driving seat, superintendence, be at the helm, wear the trousers, be the boss, prepotency, rule the roost, hegemonize, reign over, hold the purse strings, prepotence



You can define Control as, The ability of a person to perform other actions or to carry out the will of the first person. Using one person's control over another can allow individuals and companies to avoid or reduce their tax obligations. Generally, one company is considered to control another company if it owns more than 50% of the company's voting shares. However, definitions vary by country and circumstance.

Meanings of Control

  1. The power to influence or direct behavior or during events.

  2. Someone or something is used as a standard to verify the results of an investigation or experiment.

  3. Determine behavior or monitor actions.

Sentences of Control

  1. Sitting with his KGB controls while explaining the details of his new job.

  2. Both are control elements in minor combinations.

  3. No attempt was made to control the difference.