Definition of Control:

  1. The power to influence or direct peoples behavior or the course of events.

  2. Law: Ownership of controlling shares in a company.

  3. Manufacturing: Device or mechanism installed or instituted to guide or regulate the activities or operation of an apparatus, machine, person, or system.

  4. Determine the behavior or supervise the running of.

  5. See management control.

  6. Take into account (an extraneous factor that might affect results) when performing an experiment.

  7. A group or individual used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment.

  8. A high card that will prevent the opponents from establishing a particular suit.

  9. A member of an intelligence organization who personally directs the activities of a spy.

Synonyms of Control

Jurisdiction, Sway, Power, Authority, Command, Dominance, Domination, Government, Mastery, Leadership, Rule, Reign, Sovereignty, Supremacy, Ascendancy, Predominance, Hegemony, Standard of comparison, Benchmark, Standard, Check, Masan, R and D, Abate, Ability, Abnegation, Absolutism, Abstinence, Acme, Action, Address, Adeptness, Administration, Adroitness, Airmanship, Allay, Alleviate, Ancestral spirits, Angel, Aplomb, Apparition, Appearance, Arrest, Arrestation, Artfulness, Artisanship, Artistry, Ascendancy, Assuage, Astral, Astral spirit, Attemper, Attendant godling, Authority, Authorization, Automatic control, Bank the fire, Banshee, Barnstorm, Be responsible for, Be-all and end-all, Blue ribbon, Blunt, Bond service, Bondage, Bravura, Bridle, Brilliance, Button, Call the shots, Call the signals, Calm, Calmness, Capability, Capacity, Captain, Captivity, Carry authority, Carry on, Cascade control, Championship, Charge, Charisma, Charm, Chasten, Check, Claws, Cleverness, Clout, Clutches, Collect, Command, Competence, Composure, Conduct, Consequence, Conservatism, Constrain, Constraint, Contain, Continence, Control action, Control experiment, Controlled experiment, Cool, Cool off, Cooling, Cooling down, Cooling off, Coordination, Copilot, Crack the whip, Craft, Craftsmanship, Credit, Cunning, Curb, Curtail, Curtailment, Cut and try, Daemon, Damp, Dampen, De-emphasize, Deaden, Debt slavery, Decelerate, Deceleration, Decide, Deftness, Demon, Departed spirit, Deprivation of freedom, Determine, Device, Dexterity, Dexterousness, Dextrousness, Dial, Diminish, Diplomacy, Direct, Direction, Directorship, Discipline, Disembodied spirit, Disenfranchisement, Disfranchisement, Dispassion, Dispose, Disposition, Dominance, Dominate, Domination, Dominion, Dompt, Downplay, Drive, Dull, Duppy, Dybbuk, Effect, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Eidolon, Electronic control, Eminence, Empery, Empire, Empiricism, Enchantment, Engineer, Enjoin, Enslavement, Enthrallment, Esteem, Evenness, Experiment, Experimental design, Experimental method, Experimental proof, Experimentalism, Experimentation, Expertise, Extenuate, Facility, Fairy godmother, Familiar, Familiar spirit, Favor, Feedback control, Feudalism, Feudality, Finesse, First place, First prize, Fly, Force, Form, Genius, Genius domus, Genius loci, Gentleness, Ghost, Golden mean, Good angel, Good feeling, Good genius, Govern, Governance, Government, Grace, Grasp, Grateful dead, Grip, Gripe, Guard, Guardian, Guardian angel, Guardian spirit, Guidance, Guide, Hand, Handiness, Handle, Handling, Hands, Hant, Happy medium, Haunt, Have clout, Have control of, Have in hand, Have power, Have the power, Have the right, Have the say, Have under control, Head, Head up, Headship, Hegemony, Height, Helm, Helotism, Helotry, Highest, Hinder, Hindrance, Hit and miss, Hold, Hold at bay, Hold back, Hold fast, Hold in, Hold in check, Hold in hand, Hold in leash, Hold the helm, Hold the reins, Hold up, Horsemanship, Household gods, Husbandry, Idolum, Immateriality, Impartiality, Imperium, Importance, Incidental power, Incorporeal, Incorporeal being, Incorporeity, Indentureship, Independence, Influence, Influentiality, Ingeniousness, Ingenuity, Inhibit, Inhibition, Injunction, Insinuation, Interdict, Invisible helper, Iron hand, Judiciousness, Jurisdiction, Juste-milieu, Keep, Keep back, Keep from, Keep in, Keep in check, Keep under control, Keep within bounds, Kingship, Knob, Know-how, Lares and penates, Lares compitales, Lares familiaris, Lares permarini, Lares praestites, Lares viales, Larva, Lay, Lay under restraint, Lead, Lead on, Leadership, Leading, Legal restraint, Lemures, Lenify, Lenity, Lessen, Lever, Leverage, Lighten, Lordship, Magnetism, Make the rules, Manage, Management, Managery, Managing, Manes, Maneuver, Manipulate, Manipulation, Marksmanship, Master, Mastermind, Mastership, Mastery, Materialization, Maximum, Mechanism, Meden agan, Middle way, Might, Mildness, Ministering angel, Mitigate, Moderate, Moderateness, Moderation, Moderationism, Modulate, Moment, Monopoly, Most, Ne plus ultra, Neutrality, New high, Noble experiment, Nonviolence, Nothing in excess, Numen, Obtund, Officer, Oni, Order, Ordering, Oversee, Oversight, Pacifism, Palliate, Palms, Paramountcy, Peel off, Penates, Peonage, Personality, Persuasion, Phantom, Pilot, Pilotage, Play down, Poltergeist, Possess authority, Possession, Potency, Power, Practical ability, Pragmatism, Predominance, Preponderance, Prescribe, Presence, Presidency, Pressure, Prestige, Primacy, Proficiency, Prohibit, Prohibition, Protection, Protectionism, Protective tariff, Prowess, Prudence, Pull, Pull in, Pull the strings, Purchase, Put down, Quarterback, Quickness, Raj, Rationing, Readiness, Record, Reduce, Reduce the temperature, Regnancy, Regulate, Regulation, Reign, Rein, Rein in, Reins of government, Repose, Repress, Repute, Research and development, Resource, Resourcefulness, Restrain, Restraint, Restraint of trade, Retard, Retardation, Retrench, Retrenchment, Revenant, Robot control, Rule, Rule of thumb, Run, Running, Savoir-faire, Savvy, Say, Seamanship, Self-abnegation, Self-command, Self-conquest, Self-control, Self-denial, Self-discipline, Self-government, Self-mastery, Self-possession, Self-restraint, Serenity, Serfdom, Serfhood, Servility, Servitude, Servo control, Set back, Shade, Shadow, Shape, Shrouded spirit, Skill, Skillfulness, Skipper, Slacken, Slavery, Slow down, Slowing down, Smother, Snub, Sober, Sober down, Sobriety, Soften, Solo, Sovereignty, Special providence, Specter, Spectral ghost, Spirit, Spook, Sprite, Stability, Steadiness, Steer, Steerage, Steering, Stifle, Straiten, Strings, Style, Suasion, Subdue, Subjection, Subjugation, Subtle influence, Suggestion, Supervise, Supervision, Supervisory control, Suppress, Supremacy, Sway, Switch, Tact, Tactfulness, Take command, Take in hand, Take the lead, Talons, Tame, Tariff wall, Technical brilliance, Technical mastery, Technical skill, Technique, Temper, Temperance, Temperateness, Tentative method, Tentativeness, Testing, The conn, The helm, The wheel, Theophany, Thought control, Thrall, Thralldom, Timing, Tone down, Top spot, Totem, Tranquillity, Trial, Trial and error, Trying, Tune down, Tutelar god, Tutelary, Tyranny, Underplay, Unexcessiveness, Unextravagance, Unextremeness, Unsubstantiality, Upper hand, Vassalage, Via media, Villenage, Virtuosity, Vision, Walking dead man, Wandering soul, Weaken, Wear the pants, Weight, Whip hand, Wield authority, Wit, Withhold, Wizardry, Workmanship, Wraith, Zenith, Zombie, Be in charge of, Run, Be in control of, Manage, Direct, Administer, Head, Preside over, Have authority over, Supervise, Superintend, Oversee, Guide, Steer

How to use Control in a sentence?

  1. When driving a car you must use the car�s steering wheel, accelerator and brakes to control the car�s speed and direction in order to avoid having an accident.
  2. The whole operation is under the control of a production manager.
  3. The CEO wanted to gain control of the company so he conspired with an accomplice to purchase a majority of the shares.
  4. He sat with his KGB control as the details of his new assignment were explained.
  5. They saw no difference between the cancer patients and the controls.
  6. Its important for a CEO of a company to keep control over all of his employees in order to keep the company running smoothly.
  7. No attempt was made to control for variations.
  8. He was appointed to control the companys marketing strategy.

Meaning of Control & Control Definition