Control of well (operator's extra expense)



  1. A simple definition of CONTROL OF WELL (OPERATOR'S EXTRA EXPENSE) is: Includes oil / gas well costs. This can include costs such as infiltration and treatment fees, drilling costs, etc.



Meanings of CONTROL:
  1. The power to influence or guide people's behavior or events.

  2. Groups or individuals to validate the results of a research or experiment as a comparison criterion.

  3. A member of an intelligence organization that personally directs espionage activities.

  4. A superior card that prevents your opponent from manipulating a particular color.

  5. Describe behavior or monitor operations.

  6. Be aware when doing experiments (strange factors that can affect results)

Sentences of CONTROL
  1. The whole company is under the production manager

  2. They saw no difference between cancer patients and control

  3. He sat in his KGB controls as he explained the details of his new job

  4. Hire to oversee the company's marketing strategy

  5. No attempt to control change

Synonyms of CONTROL

be in control of, command, have authority over, sway, preside over, check, superintend, be in charge of, head, benchmark, run, authority, hegemony, supremacy, ascendancy, domination, supervise, dominance, standard, oversee, predominance, sovereignty, manage, rule, reign, direct, jurisdiction, government, steer, power


Meanings of OF:
  1. Shows the association between two entities, usually an association.

  2. It shows the relationship between the address and the historical landmark.

  3. Express the relationship between a general type or type and the specific items that fall into this category.

  4. Derived from or associated with a verb.

Synonyms of OF

caused by, from, done by, by, in, made by, of, carried out by


Meanings of WELL:
  1. In a good or satisfactory way.

  2. completely

  3. More likely, more likely

  4. Free from health or illness recovery.

  5. Be sensitive

  6. It is used to express various emotions, such as shock, anger, resignation or relief.

  7. A well dipped in mud to get water, oil or gas.

  8. Abundant resource or supply.

  9. An enclosed space in the middle of a building that provides space for stairs or elevators, or allows light or ventilation.

  10. The shelf under the counter containing the wine bottles is easily accessible through the bartender.

  11. Minimum capacity areas

  12. (Liquid) rises to the surface and erupts or spreads.

Sentences of WELL
  1. The whole team is performing well

  2. Add mustard and lemon juice, mix well

  3. Difficulty breathing can be an early sign of asthma

  4. I didn't feel well

  5. It will be nice to know what this suggestion means

  6. it's fine! Some people's ways!

Synonyms of WELL

fountainhead, shrewd, skilfully, profitable, beneficial, admirably, treasury, spout, bore, in fine fettle, recommended, in good shape, commonsensical, flood, conceivably, repository, hearty, canny, storehouse, conscientiously, surge, all right, proficiently, spring, run


Meanings of OPERATOR:
  1. People who operate computers or machines.

  2. The person or company that runs or operates a company or business.

  3. Someone who works in a certain way, especially manipulatively.

  4. Symbols or functions that indicate operators (for example ×, +).

Sentences of OPERATOR
  1. A radio operator

  2. A tour operator

  3. Their recent advances in the theory of the characteristics of various transport companies show that, despite seventy years, Moshe is still young in mathematics.

Synonyms of OPERATOR

fixer, mover, entrepreneur, businessman, director, machinist, contractor, businesswoman, manipulator, speculator, partner, impresario, trader, promoter, arranger, wheeler-dealer, mechanic, venture capitalist, operative, string-puller


Meanings of S:
  1. Seconds)

  2. Part (of an action)

  3. Shilling (E)

  4. Not married.

  5. Solid

  6. (No tradition) Baby (children)

  7. Zero refers to electrons and orbits with angular velocity and perfect balance.

  8. Distance (in mathematical formulas).

  9. The 19th letter of the alphabet

  10. Farm like a capital s.

  11. (Especially in Catholic usage)

  12. Siemens

  13. Small (such as clothing size).


Meanings of EXTRA:
  1. Added to an existing or normal number or an additional number.

  2. Excessive or extravagant

  3. Especially on a larger scale than usual.

  4. other than that.

  5. Extra element of routine or essentials.

Sentences of EXTRA
  1. They offered you an extra thirty-five cents an hour

  2. Trying to be great

  3. It costs about 60% to install

  4. Education is with all my teachings

Synonyms of EXTRA

distinctly, further, especially, supplemental, extension, companion, appendage, very, particularly, additionally, complement, specially, to boot, singularly, supplementary, supplement, bonus, attendant, auxiliary, in addition, peculiarly, accessory, on top of that, add-on, more, as well, also, attachment, addition


Meanings of EXPENSE:
  1. Compensation over taxable profits (expenses incurred)

Sentences of EXPENSE
  1. We order apparel for a high price

Synonyms of EXPENSE

cost, price