Control group

Control group,

Definition of Control group:

  1. Individuals in the organization who have the power to make and implement decisions.

  2. A group of subjects or conditions that are closest to the experimental group, but not exposed to experimental treatment. The results are then compared to what changes may occur as a result of the experimental treatment.

  3. A group that acts as a control in an experiment, especially a group of individuals who take part in a study or research who usually act as a control without their knowledge because they Do not receive the treatment that is being tried.

How to use Control group in a sentence?

  1. The Stanford prison experience is an interesting concept, but the lack of a control group disproves almost all science.
  2. During a senior year project, students used a control group to gain a general understanding of how people react to strangely dressed dolls. The control group provides a starting point for students to learn.
  3. After the experiment, he realized that the reason he didn't pay attention to his reaction to the drug was because he was in the control group.

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