Contributory Group

Contributory Group,

What Does Contributory Group Mean?

  • As part of Group Life or Health - Group Policy that pays employees a minimum of the premium cost.

Literal Meanings of Contributory Group


Meanings of Group:
  1. Numerous people or objects that have been viewed or viewed nearby or categorized together.

  2. Many people who collaborate or share certain beliefs.

  3. A corporate organization consisting of several real estate companies

  4. Several musicians played popular music together.

  5. United States Air Force units consist of two or more squadrons.

  6. US military units consisting of two or more battalions.

  7. Two or more personalities or objects that form an image.

  8. A set of elements that occupy a column in a periodic table and have very similar features due to a similar electronic structure.

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  11. An astrographic division consists of two or more formations.

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Sentences of Group
  1. When the boy discovered a group of people leaving the classroom on May 17 last year, he was also concerned about the safety of other students.

  2. The leaf will be cut to the right size and then divided into groups of three or four, folded in half and cut to the right size.

  3. The level of grouping is the same in all four groups of social classes.

  4. The most common call we receive is from a group of young people.

  5. This is the third year we have met a group of friends at the Brix Canoe in Forestville.

  6. The stars are not scattered randomly in space, but are divided into large groups called galaxies.

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  9. The four classes of safe groups have not been defined and no criteria have been provided for their definition.

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  11. To find answers, the program brings together a group of leaders from all walks of life.

Synonyms of Group

bloc, league, company, troop, clique, breed, gather together, junta, splinter group, genus, syndicate, partnership, cabal, body, clump, congregation, rate, fringe movement, bracket, family, bunch, union, style, type, set, join forces

Contributory Group,

Contributory Group:

The definition of Contributory Group is: As part of a health or group life insurance policy - a group insurance policy in which the employee pays a minimum of the cost of the premium.

Literal Meanings of Contributory Group


Meanings of Contributory:
  1. They play an important role in making a difference.

  2. (Pension or insurance plan) A fund in which an individual contributes.

  3. The person who is asked to donate money to pay off the company's debts.

Sentences of Contributory
  1. Smoking can cause illness.

  2. Tax benefits.


Meanings of Group:
  1. A series of people or things that are located, grouped together or grouped together.

  2. A series of elements occupy a column in a periodic table and, due to their similar electronic structure, have mostly similar features.

  3. A combination of elements with associative binary operations in which each element and the identifying element are reversed.

  4. (In systematic grammar) The structural level between sentences and words that is largely consistent with other grammar sentences.

  5. Put in one or more groups.

Sentences of Group
  1. A group of boys is approaching.

  2. Three chairs were gathered around the table.

Synonyms of Group

grouping, party, kind, variety, gathering, species, band, mass, flock, grade, batch, gang, rank, classification, line up, amass, dispose, status, collection, sort