Definition of Contribute:

  1. To provide or furnish something in order to reach a common goal, add value, or benefit in some way. The most common way that individuals contribute is by donating funds or items to charitable organizations. An individual who contributes something is called a contributor. Becky and John contribute 10% of their monthly income to the Salvation Army..

  2. Give (something, especially money) in order to help achieve or provide something.

Synonyms of Contribute

Accommodate, Add to, Advance, Afford, Aid, Assist, Augment, Be enfranchised, Be implicated in, Bear a hand, Bend to, Bestow, Bias, Chip in, Clothe, Come through, Compare, Conduce, Contribute to, Dispose, Donate, Donate to, Endow, Enter into, Fill, Fill up, Find, Fortify, Forward, Fund, Furnish, Gift, Gift with, Give, Give to, Go, Go into, Grant, Have a tendency, Have suffrage, Head, Help, Help decide, Incline, Invest, Join, Join in, Keep, Kick in, Lead, Lean, Look to, Maintain, Make available, Make provision for, Make the scene, Partake, Partake of, Participate, Participate in, Pitch in, Pledge, Point, Point to, Prepare, Present, Promote, Provide, Provide for, Pull an oar, Recruit, Redound to, Reinforce, Replenish, Serve, Set, Set toward, Show a tendency, Sit in, Sit in on, Stock, Store, Strengthen, Subscribe, Subsidize, Supplement, Supply, Support, Sweeten the kitty, Take part in, Tend, Trend, Turn, Verge, Vote, Warp, Work toward, Yield, Give, Donate, Give a donation of, Make a donation of, Put up, Come up with, Subscribe, Hand out, Grant, Bestow, Present, Gift, Accord

How to use Contribute in a sentence?

  1. In order for a group to function successfully, each member must contribute , otherwise the resources and labor will not distribute themselves equally amongst group members.
  2. The more smart people you can get to contribute to your organization the better chance you have of big success.
  3. She contributed to a private pension.
  4. We would like you to contribute 3% of your income to help pay to keep the break area clean and updated.

Meaning of Contribute & Contribute Definition