Contractual liability

Contractual liability,

Definition of Contractual liability:

  1. Obligation assumed by any contracting party under the terms of a contract.

How to use Contractual liability in a sentence?

  1. Before being able to turn in the paper work, a signature must be signed on the designated line acknowledging that any personal injuries sustained on the courses are a contractual liability .
  2. I had contractual liability and I had to live up to it, or I would be in big trouble with the people upstairs.
  3. Because of the agreement we entered into with the other company we have contractual liability for them if anything goes wrong.

Meaning of Contractual liability & Contractual liability Definition

Contractual Liability,

Definition of Contractual Liability:

  1. This contract is placed on the company by the terms of the contract. In the insurance industry, the term does not mean the obligation imposed by the contract, but rather the banning of the contract by another party under certain conditions.

  2. The contract assumes liability for every other loss for which the other person is legally liable, in the absence of the contract there will be no such liability.

  3. Third party legal obligations, which the company will assist through written or oral agreements. In construction and other contracts (written or oral), it is common for one party to be responsible for the other. This is sometimes called withdrawal. The degree to which one is harmless varies from contract to contract, from job to job, and so on.

  4. Insurance due from an insurer who has accepted the legal obligation of another party through written or oral agreement. This includes contract liability insurance which covers all liabilities and obligations performed by the service provider under the terms of the service agreement issued by the service provider.

Literal Meanings of Contractual Liability


Meanings of Contractual:
  1. Provided in the contract.

  2. There are property agreements like these.

Sentences of Contractual
  1. The orders we give do not in any way interfere with the existing rights or obligations of the agreement.

  2. But, as Lord Goff's speech showed, the obligation of this treaty was of no avail.

  3. The company claims that there was a serious breach of contractual obligations.

  4. The current government and regulators are trying to find a way out of their contractual obligations.

  5. A sudden increase in contracting responsibilities can end their uncertain autonomy.

  6. We are willing to work with you and will assist you in fulfilling your contractual obligations in the event of a breach.

  7. The term also refers to the terms of an agreement that is enforced by law or made explicitly binding on the agreement by the parties.

  8. We will be asked to review your protocol to reflect the terms of this Agreement.

  9. And, in that sense, the church can only restrict the agreement.

Synonyms of Contractual

dictated, stipulated, mandatory, binding, forced, unavoidable, obliged, impelled, coerced, obligatory, exacted, constrained, contractual, inescapable, prescribed, involuntary, demanded, ordained, required, necessitated, requisite


Meanings of Liability:
  1. The state of being responsible for something, especially in accordance with the law.

  2. Anything for which one is responsible, especially a loan or financial obligation.

  3. A person or thing whose presence or behavior may embarrass or harm someone.

Sentences of Liability
  1. She gave birth to a healthy baby and those who neglected her are responsible for the interview.

  2. The difference between responsibility for actions and responsibility for negligence is clear.

  3. There is no legal impediment that prevents the public from denying the right to be responsible for the personal actions of their agents.

  4. For example, banks may waive their obligations in the event of a breach of privacy due to legal regulations.

  5. Legal experts are available at seminars to help clients minimize inheritance tax liability.

  6. Therefore, foreign companies are not subject to capital gains tax.

  7. If income from foreign employment contracts is not sent to Ireland, Irish income tax will not be levied.

Synonyms of Liability

answerability, handicap, legal responsibility, encumbrance, debit, indebtedness, burden, responsibility, debt, inconvenience, nuisance

Contractual Liability,

What is Contractual Liability?

The company's obligations under the terms of the agreement

Literal Meanings of Contractual Liability


Sentences of Contractual
  1. It also imposes terms of the agreement that do not allow any of the bidders to make the offer public.

  2. If needed, it makes more sense to allocate staff by contract.

  3. He did what he had to do to redesign the bridge so that it could be built and the terms of the agreement met.

  4. This agreement sets out the obligations of a similar agreement to use appropriate expertise and care in writing.

  5. The person entering into a binding contract acquires the rights to the contract created by the contract.

  6. The duties that pastors have to perform for the church are not contracts and cannot be imposed on them.

  7. Desmonds' choice was to withdraw the weapons, not to demand payment of the contract.

Synonyms of Contractual

imposed, necessary


Sentences of Liability
  1. No one now knows what the potential criminal liability is under federal law.

  2. The city was prosecuted for the negligence of its employees due to the responsibilities of its representatives.

  3. At one point, there was some confusion over the employer's indirect responsibility.

  4. Action was taken against the mediator, for which the federal government accepted indirect responsibility.

  5. If the buyer proves that the item is defective, liability is assumed for the liability, regardless of whether.

  6. The law does not regulate the strict responsibilities of the municipality.

  7. However, it is important to note that federal law does not provide criminal liability for cruel, inhuman or degrading acts.

  8. Obviously, by distributing the issuer's bonds, the bank can assume legal responsibility for its conduct.

  9. Legal systems differ in their views on the principles that determine corporate criminal liability.