What Does Contracts Mean?

A legal document between the parties that clearly states what is expected and expected from each party.

Meanings of Contracts

  1. Make a formal and legally binding agreement.

  2. Catch or Prepare (Disease or Infectious Agent)

  3. Your debt

  4. Written or verbal agreements, including, but not limited to, employment, sale, or lease agreements, which are intended to be legal.

Sentences of Contracts

  1. When it cools, the glass contracts

  2. Local authorities will employ various agencies to provide services

  3. Three people infected with the deadly virus

  4. 3 3,300. Loan

  5. Just signed with the club

Synonyms of Contracts

be struck down with, pick up, fall ill with, come down with, commit oneself, pledge, settlement, arrangement, be taken ill with, agreement, commitment, pact, covenant, acquire, become liable to pay, compact, undertaking, bond, become infected with, be stricken with, understanding, engage, undertake, shrink, promise, get smaller, fall into, incur, become smaller, catch

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