Contractors Rework Coverage

Contractors Rework Coverage,

Definition of Contractors Rework Coverage:

  • This includes the cost of removing the contractor's work when a defect in the work is included in its plan, as well as the cost of replacing the damaged work. The general method of providing this coverage is in compliance with the General Liability Policy (CGL). (There is no standard endorsement for this purpose, but there may be affidavits from insurance companies operating in the construction market relating to the company that completes this coverage.) Applicable art should not meet other industry standards. . For construction, where the material is inserted. There is no insurance coverage for purely cosmetic defects. Similar coverage, fracture coverage, covers the cost of getting rid of a bad job, but not the cost of replacing it. The main work and crack coating markets are concrete and masonry companies.

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Meanings of Rework:
  1. Make changes to the original version (some)

Sentences of Rework
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rehabilitate, rectification, rehabilitation, rectify, make better, correct, better, amelioration, correction, refine, ameliorate, betterment, mend, refinement


Meanings of Coverage:
  1. The degree to which something is related or applies to something else.

  2. Media treatment of a problem.

  3. The level of protection that insurance provides.

  4. Areas covered by specific broadcasters or advertising media.

  5. The way a defender or team defends a player, zone or game.

Sentences of Coverage
  1. This coverage should cover almost most of the UK.

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Synonyms of Coverage

protection, handling, indemnification, security, surety, reportage, coverage, description, presentation, treatment, cover, indemnity