Contractors Professional Liability Insurance

Contractors Professional Liability Insurance,

Contractors Professional Liability Insurance Definition:

  1. The definition of Contractors Professional Liability Insurance is: Prior to the introduction of this policy, specific coverage was developed in the 1990s to cover errors or omissions in the design of contractor liability, with some markets offering professionally designed liability. This was done through policy agreements, and this coverage was generally limited to the contractor's liability. Indirect liability for design errors and defects (ie liabilities imposed) on the Contractor for the failure or loss of another party, such as the Contractor's Designated Engineer for advice on structural matters). As more and more contractors began design and construction work which significantly increased the risk of their professional liability, a professional liability policy was developed for contractors to address the risks and requirements of the contractors. ۔ Special builder's compulsory insurance coverage, including direct builder liability. Coverage can be purchased each year to complete the contractor's entire work or to meet the contractor's design responsibilities for a specific project on a project-specific basis.

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