Definition of Contraband:

  1. Imported or exported illegally, either in defiance of a total ban or without payment of duty.

  2. Goods whose import or export is forbidden in a country.

  3. Goods that have been imported or exported illegally.

Synonyms of Contraband

Smuggled, Black-market, Bootleg, Bootlegged, Under the counter, Illegal, Illicit, Unlawful, Booty, Spoils, Plunder, Stolen goods, Contraband, Pillage, Eighteenth Amendment, Prohibition Party, Volstead Act, Actionable, Against the law, Anarchic, Anarchistic, Anomic, Ban, Banned, Barred, Black-market, Bootleg, Bootleg liquor, Chargeable, Cigarette smuggling, Cigarettes, Contrabandage, Contrary to law, Criminal, Denial, Disallowance, Disapproved, Dope, Dope smuggling, Drugs, Embargo, Excluded, Exclusion, Felonious, Flawed, Forbade, Forbid, Forbiddance, Forbidden, Forbidden fruit, Forbidding, Gunrunning, Hot, Hot goods, Illegal, Illegitimate, Illicit, Impermissible, Index, Index expurgatorius, Index librorum prohibitorum, Inhibition, Injunction, Interdict, Interdiction, Interdictum, Irregular, Jewel smuggling, Jewels, Justiciable, Law, Lawless, Narcotics, Narcotics smuggling, No-no, Nonconstitutional, Nonlegal, Nonlicit, Nonpermissible, Not permitted, Off limits, Out of bounds, Outlaw, Outlawed, Preclusion, Prevention, Prohibited, Prohibition, Prohibitory injunction, Proscribed, Proscription, Punishable, Refusal, Rejection, Repression, Restrictive covenants, Ruled out, Ruling out, Rumrunning, Run, Shut out, Smuggled goods, Smuggling, Statute, Stolen goods, Sumptuary laws, Suppression, Taboo, Tabooed, Triable, Unallowed, Unauthorized, Unconstitutional, Under the ban, Under-the-counter, Under-the-table, Unlawful, Unlicensed, Unofficial, Unpermissible, Unsanctioned, Unstatutory, Untouchable, Unwarrantable, Unwarranted, Verboten, Vetoed, Wrongful, Zoning, Zoning laws

How to use Contraband in a sentence?

  1. Contraband drug shipments.
  2. The police looked for drugs, guns, and other contraband.

Meaning of Contraband & Contraband Definition


Definition of Contraband:

  • Meaning of Contraband: Export or import of goods prohibited by law. Smuggling

  • Items whose possession is prohibited by law.

Meanings of Contraband

  1. Goods are illegally imported or exported.

  2. Imported or exported illegally, even if there is a complete ban or non-payment of import duties.

Sentences of Contraband

  1. Police searched for drugs, weapons and other contraband

  2. Supply of illicit drugs