Contra Proferentem Rule

Contra Proferentem Rule,

What is Contra Proferentem Rule?

  • The definition of Contra Proferentem Rule is: Generally accepted rules where the ambiguity in the insurance policy is strongly interpreted against the insurance company. There are three steps to enforce this rule: (1) Courts review policy terms to determine if they are ambiguous. ()) If the language is ambiguous, the court will allow external evidence to clarify the policy and determine the parties' consent to the conclusion of the agreement. If external evidence removes the ambiguity, the agreement will be validated. Original meaning with external evidence. ()) If the external test does not specify ambiguity, the contradictory rule applies and the ambiguous language is interpreted in favor of the policyholder and against the insurer.

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Meanings of Contra:
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  1. But Sandinitas, by contrast, threatened to challenge the armed forces against the new democratic government.

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  1. Skeptics can see clear rules that govern skill or sport but not art.

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