Contra Entry

Contra Entry,

What is The Definition of Contra Entry?

  • In accounting, the recorded amount is cleared by another equivalent posting, i.e., debit credits are cleared by memo.

Literal Meanings of Contra Entry


Meanings of Contra:
  1. A member of a Nicaraguan guerrilla group that opposed the left-wing Sandinista government from 1979 to 1990 and was strongly supported by the United States. It was officially dissolved in 1990 after the election defeat of Sandinitas.

Sentences of Contra
  1. But Sandinitas, by contrast, threatened to challenge the armed forces against the new democratic government.

Synonyms of Contra

at odds with, in disagreement with, contra, hostile to, inimical to, opposed to, antagonistic towards, in opposition to, resistant to, averse to, unsympathetic to


Meanings of Entry:
  1. The process of intervention or intervention.

  2. Articles written or printed in magazines, lists, ledgers or reference books.

  3. Someone or something that takes part in a race or competition.

  4. The front of the hill below the water line, which looks wide or narrow.

Sentences of Entry
  1. The door is locked but accessible

  2. Cash book entries

  3. In the end, twelve winners were selected from hundreds of entries.

Synonyms of Entry

approach, going in, statement, applicant, materialization, entrance, arrival, item, appearance, record, entrant, listing, coming, challenger, contender, introduction, participant, ingress, contestant, competitor, candidate, player, jotting, coming in