Definition of Continuum:

  1. Coherent whole consisting of elements or values separated by differences too minute to be recognized at a given scale of measurement.

  2. A continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, although the extremes are quite distinct.

Synonyms of Continuum

Indian file, Acreage, Area, Array, Articulation, Bank, Breadth, Buzz, Catena, Catenation, Chain, Chain reaction, Chaining, Concatenation, Connection, Consecution, Course, Cycle, Descent, Dimension, Drone, Emptiness, Empty space, Endless belt, Endless round, Expanse, Expansion, Extension, Extent, Field, File, Filiation, Galactic space, Gamut, Gradation, Hum, Infinite space, Interstellar space, Line, Lineage, Measure, Monotone, Nexus, Nothingness, Outer space, Pendulum, Periodicity, Plenum, Powder train, Progression, Proportion, Queue, Range, Rank, Recurrence, Reticulation, Rotation, Round, Routine, Row, Run, Scale, Sequence, Series, Single file, Space, Spatial extension, Spectrum, Sphere, Spread, String, Succession, Superficial extension, Surface, Swath, Thread, Tier, Tract, Train, Void, Volume, Windrow

How to use Continuum in a sentence?

  1. At the fast end of the fast-slow continuum.

Meaning of Continuum & Continuum Definition