Contingent Value Rights (CVR)

Contingent Value Rights (CVR),

Contingent Value Rights (CVR) means,

Shareholders of companies facing restructuring or acquisitions can often receive conditional share rights (CVRs). These rights ensure that shareholders receive certain benefits when certain events occur, usually within a certain period of time. These rights are similar to options that usually have an expiration date, after which the rights of benefit no longer apply. CVR is generally related to the performance of the company's shares.

  • In the process of acquisition, the shareholders of a company can get conditional share rights (CVR).
  • The CVR states that shareholders will receive certain benefits if certain performance events are achieved within a certain period.
  • Benefits usually include monetary benefits such as additional inventory or cash payments.
  • CVR is like unsecured security in that it is unsecured and payments are unsecured.
  • There are two types of CVRs, non-transferable and transferable. Movable CVR is publicly traded.

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