Contingent Annuity Option

Contingent Annuity Option,

How Do You Define Contingent Annuity Option?

  • The definition of Contingent Annuity Option is: An option for which, under certain conditions, a worker may receive a pension amount which is reduced by a certain amount of equal income or a portion paid to another person, in case of death during that person's life. I am called its subsidiary. Additional recipients are usually spouses. See Joint Retirement and Survivor's Pension.

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Meanings of Contingent:
  1. Random cases.

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Sentences of Contingent
  1. Work emergency

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Synonyms of Contingent

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Meanings of Annuity:
  1. Usually for a lifetime, someone is paid a certain amount every year.

Sentences of Annuity
  1. You have a 1000 pension

Synonyms of Annuity

payment, pocket money, sum of money, remittance, contribution, consideration, handout, grant, subsidy, maintenance, financial support, subsistence, benefit, stipend, pension, annuity, keep, upkeep, expenses


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Sentences of Option
  1. Your second script has been selected while reading

Synonyms of Option

choice, alternative, recourse, possibility, course of action