Continental Kennel Club

Continental Kennel Club

Is Continental Kennel Club a valid registration for dogs or just a paper mill? ۔

My neighbor wants to register an Australian Shepherd dog at the Continental Kennel Club (CKC). At first I thought it was CKC (Caian Kennel Club), but later I found out it was Continental Club. I told him I didn't think it was a particularly good or desirable record and I advised him to avoid it. I've always heard that the Continental Club is just a paper mill and they list anything in. Is this still true or have they appeared in the world?

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Thanks for your reply. I told my neighbor Ronnie that I suspect that many users of the Continental Kennel Club Registry could be directed to people who use other registries such as AKC, UKC, etc. I told him I didn't think Continental was the right person. Is there any way to know if the Australian Shepherd Dog has been banned from TSE records? Do you have deportation or corner list, as I suspect?

Thanks and for all the answers! After further research and investigation, I found that it is permanently banned in the UKC. Your name is on your magazine's Prohibition List! I don't know what he was doing, but he definitely broke the rules at some point. When Ronnie took care of the boy, he too was not impressed with the woman and found that she was trying to feed him too many oxen. Needless to say, you won't find dogs from these incredible people in the land.

I bought a dog with ckc paper and later found out that he has no championship or championship record. Find out if they're as good as the record. I use the NKC (Nation Kennel Club) because the AKC does not recognize the American Bulldog. I will never use ckc no.

CKC is a valid registration and does not endorse or support dog mills. They did not record anything. They have a strict screening process for the registration of dogs and dogs are denied registration at all times. CKC is not a record for people who have been excluded from other records. CKC was created to be more comprehensive with better customer service, and they have done just that. If you want purebred dogs that are not registered with AKC, aren't they so good without a place to register? No, everything should have options. The CKC enrolls about 300 more species than the AKC. So there's a good reason you want to go somewhere else. You've had a bad experience (which you may have with another club anyway) and you shouldn't base your point of view on it. There are many resistance rebels with the CKC.

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I recently lost my mind due to complications of diabetes. Veterinary experts say that diabetes must be inherited. So I got my dog's mother and mother's AKC registration number and none of them matched. The registration document was completed by Continental Kennel Club with CKC MP 02530582. They assure me that this is a valid registration number. I checked my mind for a family history of diabetes. I think there is no way to verify this?


My dog ​​is registered with AKC ... but I sold my dog ​​on CKC paper. The average pet is not interested in swinging or herding, but wants a piece of paper on hand to claim to be purebred. If they question the CKC papers, they have the option to pay more so that I can pay more AKC, and also stay on AKC for inspection ... which I give in my state in a year. What time So I say it's your money ... pay more and get the same dog when you feel better ... otherwise you say the parents are registered with AKC and CKC. It doesn't matter what record you are in when it comes to domestic dogs. Bold (not rude), ask questions and pay full attention to the purpose, use and health of the animals there ... it tells you more than any sheet of paper.

Continental Kennel Club

Continental Kennel Club

CKC is an accurate registry, although unfortunately used by dog ​​mills, but there are some good ones that also use CKC. Like a bathroom that uses AKC. I also tried to find the prohibited list through AKC, I couldn't find it, but CKC has this information on their website. I was not excluded from AKC, but I signed up via CKC anyway. Although I will switch to swing and small scale creation, I will completely switch to AKC, because unfortunately CKC has not changed either. I hope CKC tightens its policy a bit. I see a lot of important things to note. How do you know it's a dog factory that has a lot of whips every year?

Ask your friends to find the file.

Race clubs will have better quality than registries. And even AKC dogs can be factory dogs.

I wouldn't even recommend CKC for a service dog. Recently, there have been some mood issues among Australians, most of whom have bibs and factory dogs.

Newspapers are as good as their distribution. There are good and bad things in every album. People nest on every record. Do a lot of research.

AKC requires DNA from bulls that has been used 7 times and AKC allows you to trace the lineage.

OFA health tests have also been reported and I would like to know the pedigree of all my dogs as my personal heritage and SW records are important to me.

Continental Kennel Club