Definition of Container:

  1. A discrete environment set up within an operating system in which one or more applications may be run, typically assigned only those resources necessary for the application to function correctly.

  2. A very large metal case of a standard size for loading and transporting goods on trucks, trains, and ships.

  3. A box, bottle, can, etc. which can hold goods.

  4. An object that can be used to hold or transport something.

Synonyms of Container

Receptacle, Vessel, Holder, Repository, Canister, Drum, Box, Case, Arena, Cincture, Close, Confine, Coop, Court, Courtyard, Curtilage, Delimited field, Enclave, Enclosure, Field, Fold, Ground, List, Pale, Paling, Park, Pen, Quad, Quadrangle, Square, Theater, Toft, Yard

How to use Container in a sentence?

  1. The container was used to transport the food to the impoverished nation and those same container s were also used by them for a variety of uses.
  2. Jack had some left over food from his recent party, so he decided to put it in a container and save it for later.
  3. More containers can run on a server than traditional virtual machines.
  4. A microwaveable glass container.
  5. The massive tanker is capable of transporting thousands of shipping container s filled with a variety of goods across the ocean in short order.

Meaning of Container & Container Definition

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