Definition of Consumer:

  1. People who buy goods and services for personal use.

  2. Buyers are not required for the distribution of end users and essential goods or services. See also customer.

  3. Buyers of retail products or services.

Synonyms of Consumer

User, Graminivore, Lucullus, Emptor, Window-shopper, Flesh-eater, Brillat-Savarin, Predacean, Vendee, Hungry mouth, Picnicker, Shopper, High liver, Phytophage, Omnivore, Man-eater, Luncher, Marketer, Purchaser, Eater-out, Connoisseur of food, Customer, Glutton, Fruitarian, Gourmet, Purchaser, Epicure, Board-and-roomer, Diner-out, Vegetarian, Cannibal, Carnivore, Grain-eater, Trencherman, Purchasing agent, Enjoyer, Gastronome, Mouth, Diner, Omophagist, Boarder, Meat-eater, Lactovegetarian, Browser, Eater, Pantophagist, Employer, Plant-eater, Feeder, Gourmand, Buyer, Herbivore, Buyer, Customer agent, Bon vivant, Shopper, Granivore

How to use Consumer in a sentence?

  1. Many government services are increasingly focused on consumers because they are really focused on providing them and making sure they provide the best service to the people who serve them.
  2. A major concern of cell phone retailers is that consumers have the ability to understand and follow simple instructions when using the product.
  3. Customer request.
  4. Consumers are happier when store prices drop for their favorite items, such as orange juice, milk and cheese.

Meaning of Consumer & Consumer Definition

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What Does Consumer Mean?

  • A person who uses goods and services but cannot be a buyer.

Meanings of Consumer

  1. Someone or something that eats or uses something.

  2. Organisms that derive essential organic compounds and energy from the use of other heterotrophic organisms.

Sentences of Consumer

  1. Understanding what motivates consumers is more important than ever

  2. Scandinavia is the largest consumer of wheat.